Trouble at mill?

With Koeman’s comments in the press about our much vaunted Academy and the recent “leaks” that RoKo is very aloof when it comes to the U21s and doesn’t watch them train and refuses to have them train with the first team do we think that there is a bit of a power struggle going on at SMS?

We all know that Les Reed thinks that our academy players should make up 50% of the first team and there has always been, seeming, reluctance to buy decent players!

I don’t watch a lot of U21s football so don’t know but I have heard people praising Seager, Harry Reed, Gallager (who didn’t play the best on Saturday apparently) etc. etc.

So is RoKo telling it “as it is” or is he protecting his reputation or is he making his mark in the sand and saying we need to spend money in the January window?

I thinkits a little simpler really - the strategy of a feeder system and player development is the best one out there IF you have enough real talent comming though. The last few years have seen osme good players given good opportunities, but the current crop may just not be good enough for progressing the club the in the prem. Think RoKo is telling it like it is.Hewoudl have bene more than happy to have reguar talent breaking through, but if there is none, then we need to buy IF we want to progress, especially if the cream is sold on a regular basis… standing still in the prem is inviting relegation.

This is the challenge we will always face, whilst there are other clubs who can simply offer triple or more the wages we do for our best players