Travel Guides on ITV

I need to share this somewhere. We happened acoss this on ITV. I just watched someone I’ve met have a colonic thingmebob. :-/ Just met him the once but is a friend of my partners. My partner is finding it hilarious watching his friend.

Essentially 5 families/friends being sent on holiday and tripadvisoring it.

Think we’ve done a better job on here!

Just watched it, the posh guy from Dorset. Certainly puts me off going to Thailand.

Yep that’s the guy. Is it the other Brits going that puts you off?

No, just thought the place came across as a bit tacky, a bit Blackpool in the Far East. I’m sure there are many very nice places other than Koh Samui.

I’ve never been but understand that Koh Samui is pretty much what you described.