🏃 Training regime at Staplewood

:running_man: Training regime at Staplewood


I came across this idea. Thoughts on whether it would help our squad? It’s certainly a novel approach…


Saying you’re on a pay as you perform would increase the points total.



But it’s hardly as satisfying as kidnapping them blindfolded, then working them like packhorses in the scottish highlands, is it.


The New Foest ain’t exactly the Scottish Highlands.

Maybe a stroll across Beaulieu Heath and a couple of lengths of Hatchet Pond, chase a few ponies for a bit before a cream tea at The Montague Arms?


Could we not get the whole squad kidnapped, claim on the insurance and buy a whole new squad of proper footballers with the right stuff in January?
Think that would be more effective tbh


I am sure I may have done that in a previous life

well fallen in Hatchet pond anyway :laughing:


I’m up for that. Get a few of us together at the stadium tonight, I’ll bring the balaclavas.


Can we refuse to release a couple of them?


Depends. If the club aren’t prepared to pay the full ransom (£8:50p) we may have to dispatch them.


Did you know Hatchet Pond is bottomless…much like my expectations for today’s game…says the eternal optimist. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


We should do a Big Lebowski and send them a player’s toe until our demands are met. Not as if the players are using their feet for much at the moment.


With the club on the brink of administration you will be lucky to get 10p in the pound of that ransom.