Tour of America/Canada

The Sim family are looking to do a tour of America/Canada in the summer this year or 2017, but no idea of where. We are thinking of doing 3/4 weeks flying to the West Coast as we really (or I really want to go to San Francisco) then hire a vehicle for the 5 of us and just travel around.

Have any of you lot ever done anything like this and where would you recommend we visit over a 3/4 week period? Would you say it would be better to start on the east side (cheaper flights) and work our way across? Is taking in Canada a little ambitious, should we stick to one side of the country?

We are off to New York next week for a few days for the 3rd time with our eldest, but so much more of the east we want to see.

Did West coast loop of SF, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Reno, LV, Grand Canyon and then a tour of Arizona before driving down through Mexico. It was the bollocks. Currently planning a 4 week drive from Seattle to New Orleans - due to take place in the next 3/4 years.

Could easily have spent 4 weeks just doing West coast. Doing Canada too is possible but you’ll be driving all the time.

If I were you I’d do all the classic California stuff (Yosemite, SF, Death Valley) then LV, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Utah, up to Yellowstone then across to Oregon and down the Pacific Highway back to SF. That would be fucking amazing and would easily take 3/4 weeks with a few days spent here and there.

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May be obvious but San Francisco’s great, btw.

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