Tough Mudder

I’ve signed up for the one on the 28th April. Anyone else ever done it? Shitting it about getting the electric shocks!

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I’m pretty sure the short version doesn’t have the electric shock obstacle now

Do the whole thing in a group - it really helps.

Hmmm, judging by the lack of responses Tramps I think you’ve enquired at too high a level, maybe you should have started with something like ‘who on sotonians can get out of a chair without groaning/swearing/pulling a hammy’ just to gauge our general fitness levels :lou_wink_2:

My mate has done a fair few, said the first 3 were killers but now he’s more focussed he trains better and he loves doing them. Think he’s done about 15 now and he’s in his late 30’s so a young scamp like you should be fine.

Me personally I wouldn’t do it because I don’t like getting muddy or cold or running.


You’ve pretty much listed every reason why I don’t do this sort of thing now.

You missed out it on it also cutting into time set aside for watching footie and drinking - I am up to fighting weight for both - It’s a lot of hard work keeping up at this level though…


My 3-5 spin classes a week are enough for me!

Indoors, dry (well apart from serious sweat) and a chance to chat to the 3 or 4 other guys (out of 20-25).

I am planning on doing the London to Brighton off road cycle event next year. Some way short of TM but then I am no youngster!


This is probably something I would have done 30 years ago, but as other have alluded to it is folly to pick something off the floor without booking a session at the chiro these days.

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I’d signed up to do it with my stepbrother before I did my ACL the first time.

He has done it a few times now, first time the shock cables knocked him out and he ended up face first in some deep mud.

That said, he finished, and loved it. As I said, he’s even gone back for more.

Think the off road L2B is probably as hard a work as the tough mudder. I know it’s not really dirt track but keeping going to gravel tracks i s hard work.

I’ve signed up for the Prudential London 100 for next year. That’s enough for me.

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You get in?? I deferred my 2017 entry so I defo have a spot

I’ve signed up for the ballot but if I don’t get that I’m going in through the Rainbow Trust. They have helped us a lot over the last couple of years so I thought I’d give something back.


I did the washing yesterday.


Why is it whenever you see marketing shit from those wanting to charge you money for getting covered in shit and completely fucked, they always show images of 40something Rosie cheeked ladies who seem to think this experience proves something or provides an escape from a twat of a husband?

Is Tramps on a ‘mature’ hunt?


you should prob try clearing your browsing history m8



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Sounds expensive. Couldn’t you experience similar by knocking off a cooper’s hat near woodland, then pegging it about while he pursues you with a taser?


Why the fuck would a wooden barrel maker have a taser to hand? More importantly why would you want to knock his hat off, or is that a euphemism for a wooden barrel maker’s partner?

Confused of Poole!!


I did briefly consider editing that. I am glad I did not.