:tories: Tories in trouble?


Did you vote to “take back sovereignty” from Johnny Forriner by any chance?

I didn’t vote either way.

How the holy fuck did the Tories win the tees Valley mayoral contest - taking it from labour??

how bad must the incumbant mayor be

The Tory candidate, Ben Houchin, was the incumbant, He won because he distanced himself from the Tory party, wasn’t even wearing a rosette at the count. Both him and Street the Tory mayor in Brum have to all intentions run as independents.
Labour have won Blackpool in the by-election on a turnout of around 30%, so around 15% of the electorate voted for them. Starmer has declared this an historic, seismic victory! What a deluded cunt!


Esther McVey, the Minister for Common Sense is getting roasted today for denying she said something she is on video saying. It’s truly amazing what some of these Tory bastards get away with, they really are taking the piss out of us.

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Well, this is awkward