:tories: Tories in trouble?

:tories: Tories in trouble?


from what I’ve read this actually increases May’s chances of getting her vote through. Parliament won’t vote for no deal so ultimately they will either vote for her deal or for no brexit at all.




The political talking heads seem agreed that this puts the kybosh on a hard Brexit. But who knows what will happen. In my lifetime i can’t recall being governed by such a useless, lying, self serving two faced bunch of shysters. We have a Prime Minister who, if she caught herself telling the truth would immediately tell a couple of whoppers just to keep her hand in. The rest of the civilized world must be looking on in amazement.


Off with her head


She’s a vicar who’s an actress isn’t she?


She is an actress who has become a ‘pastor’ via her ‘internet church’ I believe. Are you part of her flock? All 60 odd of it?


No, she is just a batshit crazy tory whopper, no conspiracy.


Yep. Don’t think it helped the Beeb’s case for a brexit debate either.


Is it widely known that she’s a swivel eyed loon (allegedly obvs)?


Pretty sure she’ll be up for a place in the cabinet by the middle of next week. So yes.


I think the defeat gives Parliament the opportunity to have a meaningful vote when May’s deal fails. I know the Commons won’t carry a majority for no deal, but that doesn’t mean it’ll get a majority for anything else, nor does it mean the EU will be willing to assent to whatever Parliament vote for.

No deal is the default option if we are leaving.


Jeez, you won’t let it lie / play out without stating what you “know” will happen - let’s face it, you don’t. I don’t. Even @Barry-Sanchez doesn’t. Away back to the Brexit thread with you until you can come back and gloat (I’ll assume the position obvs).


No Brexiter will have anything other than a binary option IF a second vote was given, no one is going to dilute the option of leaving if remain is simply one tick in the box.
I think if the vote fails (99.9% it will unless whipping, title offers and blackmail work) then we’re into the high chance of
May gone and a national election, in turn the SNP with go with a manifesto pledge of out and in and they could get it.
A chance but slim is we could see an independent England outside the EU in 10 years, interesting times.


With the Peoples Republic of Greater London and The Home Counties being the big blot on the landscape…just saying.


Politically London is totally different to the home counties. You would expect London to be pro EU simply because of the workforce there and the capital movement, outside of this its massively different.




Where next for Teresa May?

Strictly Come Dancing, next year methinks. :lou_lol: