The thread that has more interesting and credible content than the entire Papsweb contributuions of Barry Sanchez?


The thread is the only thing a bedwetting liberal can’t get offended about, they can get offended by not being offended though.

I like the title. It warns against further comment yet invites comment simultaneously. It is both end and rebirth in a single stunted character.

It is a ballsy postmodern barf. It is your mother’s scathing rebuke. Your father’s veiled threat.

It is your fluttering eyelid at dawn’s crack. Your day slogged slumbering drool.

It is perfect papsweb.


We should also remember that a single dot in Tralfamadorian signifies “Greetings”, as the late and wonderful Kurt Vonnegut wrote in The Sirens of Titan. Perhaps Sfcsim is actually a Tralfamadorian and this is his way of letting us know.


I think it is just saying


I just don’t see the point of this thread…


It’s a skill and fitness test.

Anyone that is too fat to press the dot will have their sausage sized fingers smear another link and get elsewhere.

A single dot in morse code represents the letter ‘E’, kev is off his face on pills.


Throwing cheesecakes in the church of dance.


So YOU say…horse shit!

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I don’t think he’d be that wasteful. Or is that a dance move?

It is actually a microdot and nobody has enlarged it enough to read the contents

he meant to place it in the Bond thread but got distracted by a burning cheesecake.

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He’s nailed the perfect thread

We can give up and close the site. Job done.

One could suggest that that is the hole that is left after the nail was pulled out.

If you look at the location bar, this is a dupe of homophobia in football. Now either @sfcsim saw his error of his ways and lacking a working delete function, just edited it to the . we know and love.

Or the . represents a gaping anus, and is perhaps indicative of sexual preferences in that department.

I think it more likely to be the former, tbh.

Oh, you’re being a bit nawty there @pap one might even say deliberately provocative!!

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…but is it…a hole doesn’t exist, there is nothing there…it’s void so in effect there is no such thing as a hole.

tell that to Bearsy, he’ll be fuming when he finds out he’s been paying his worker bros £10/hour for digging a whole lot of nothings.