Top Celebrity Totty 2015

I am getting to an age now where fit young woman dont have the same effects on me that they used to have. I can still appreciate them from a purely aesthetic perspective though. My vote for 2015 goes to the lovely Rita Ora.

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Oh, I like a risk the wrath of @LouLouMySweet thread.

Bugger, hadnt thought of that! Nothing stopping her posting male totty though!

Justin Bieber

Nice cock

Thanks, but what do you think about Bieber?

Emma Stone:

Originally posted by @Sadoldgit

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Blimey SOG. Not really leaving much to the imagination, are you?

Not the most tasteful shot you could have posted.


Pat Butcher back in her prime.

(Goatboy started it)

Hoping to keep down my dinner after that Bieber shot.

Totty - generally used for women and not so much men. But appreciate the attempt to offer those who like men to post their mantotty.

So I will go with it.

Personally would prefer less up skirt shots or down top shots. Keep it classy boys.


Bieber. Wow. :lou_surprised:

Bit uncomfortable with that Bieber photo. Same I was with the fappening. A photo shared without the subjects permission.

I’m not sure if he was even aware it was taken, pretty shitty imo.

I cant see the bieber photo :lou_sad: i think its cos i’m in hotel & too tight to pay for wifi. I have been googling on phone but i cant find it :lou_sad:

Edit: does anyone know how to clear “justin bieber penis photos” from workphone search history? It is samsung type phone pls

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One of the most papped men on earth wanders around outside with his dick out.

Just say it’s for “personal development” Bearsy, you’ll be fine.


This is exactly the sort of thing that hotels love you to phone reception and ask Bear.

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Yeah, that’s really not a convincing excuse tbh.

Do you reckon Bieber gives a flying fuck?

He wasn’t happy when he was asked about it.

I think it is what he was put on earth for. He was sent here to show his cock and balls. And mighty fine cock and balls they are as well.

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