Top away day

Top away day


Been a long time since I had a proper away day with beer before and after. And pleasant company t’boot. Was great to put faces to named although I can’t remember many of them already. Now winding our way back to Salisbury before the drive to Norfolk tomorrow. See you all at the next one … Hopefully the beer will be a bit cheaper. By the way Rich did my cash cover the round ? Cheers Chris


Hell, yeah Chris - great day. Really appreciate the tickets!!

Beer before, a win and beer after, what’s not to like?

Only disappointment for Teenage Mutant was that attendees were not all fit young women as opposed to what actually turned up. Can you make more of an effort next time guys…


OOOO, dress up time!


Was a cracking time for sure. Fiverwebs would never understand but these forum meetups continue to be a complete pleasure.

Yes Chris, just about! That one was the most expensive of the day so you certainly picked your timing!