Top 3

Top 3


As 2016 yawns and goes to bed, then looks at 2017 as an intruder. What better way to think back and rate cultural stuff and put them in a ranking point. It’s a bit of fun :laughing:

So, your top 3 movie of the year. Top 3 three album and also top 3 song … Easy :grimacing:


Ok, well, I’ll kick off with … Top 3 movies.

  1. Arrival … Denis Villenueve and really clever and thought provoking sci fi. He’s directing the blade runner reboot with Deakins as DP. (I’ve already orgasmed)

  2. Anamolisa (equally brilliant, but so different, First equal :))

  3. Nocturnal Animals … I loved it and my obsession with Amy Adams continues … Sigh


  1. Moon Shaped Pool - Radiohead (heartbreaking when written in context of Thom’s partner)

  2. Nick Cave and the bad seeds - Skeleton Tree (heartbreaking when written in context of Nick’s son)

3 David Bowie – Blackstar (heartbreaking)


Erm, don’t really listen to individual songs. Just this thread needed 3 subjects for a top 3. Feel free to post your faves


I hate these things so shan’t be participating. I just wanted to say that I disliked Anomalisa. There were times when I disliked it less but I thought this was some weak lily liveried lefty embodiment of myself wanting it to be good, but in full reflection, it isn’t any good.


Change songs for TV shows, you fucknugget.


There should be a Dectective show called Fucknugget imo


Top 3 TV of 2016 (for Fatman)

  1. Westworld (last episode)

2 Game of Thrones (last 2 episodes)

3.Fleabag … If you haven’t seen it please do


It’s Charlie Kaufman mate


I know who it is, that’s why I watched it. I just didn’t like it.


What about top 3 wanks?

top 3 sandwiches?

top 3 shits?


1/ Top 3 wanks will always be the last three I have done, never thought ‘well that was a shit wank so I won’t be doing that again’.

2/ Marmite.

Then marmite with crisps.

Then chip butty.

3/ Any that only need one flush is first.

Then ‘Poltergeist poo’ - feel it come out, hear loud splash, look down nothing in the bowl, wipe bum to find physical evidence of poltershite’s presence.

Then the one wipe ‘oh it’s all clean already’ poo (helps save the rainforests too).


Gav ffs, you’re ruining my cultural thread with your puerile behavior.



fats started it :lou_sad:


He always does :lou_facepalm_2:


Originally posted by @SaintBristol

Gav ffs, you’re ruining my cultural thread with your puerile behavior.


It happens.


How original


Sorry krg. I’ve upset you. I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to relate it to things I know about. I wanted to belong and feel part of something. It’s hard work being on the periphery all the time. An outsider, a reject.


Grow up gav. You’re ruining a decent thread, mate.


S’ok, you know I can’t stay mad at you.


No Worries Fatso is emotionally immature, it’s a genetic fault, it’s well known. When he next logs in it’s best not to mention it though :laughing:

Just spell things in a simple way and agree with him. If he bares his teeth or gets excited just talk slowly then leash him and put him in the cage.


It’s not my teeth you need to worry about me baring