Tom Petty?

Tom Petty?


One of my all time favourites… was my first proper gig back in 1987 when he first supported and was Dylan’s backing band… got me into playing Rickenbackers and IMHO always got less accalim than he deserved… brilliant song writer and all round decent bloke…



Loved Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Very under rated. RIP


Tom Petty was the Steven Davis of music


Talented but dull as fuck?


Stevie Nicks wanted to join the Heartbreakers so he can’t have been that dull!


I was only replying to the Steve Davis bit.

Saying that, Stevie Nicks would’ve livened them up a bit :lou_lol:


Still have the Tom Petty Songbook - Guitar Tab, from our ill-fated covers band days. :lou_sad:

Loved a lot of his output…RIP.


Hold the bus!!!

He ain’t dead.



Has he died yet?


Beeb says yes.

Massive heart attack


Yep, confirmed.







A Springsteenesque offering from the 80s with that awesome Rickenbacker (just for AG)


To be fair i do think Tom Petty is worthy of his own thread. Genuinely saddened, i was lucky enough to see him live a couple of times, the Heartbreakers were a great band. Fucking hell, he was two years younger than me, that concentrates the mind. RIP Mr Petty.


I saw them once, must have been the 70s. It was at the Wembley Arena and tickets weren’t selling well so they added Dave Edmonds as support. Great concert. I’ve been looking through my record collection this morning and he and the band made a lot of music over the years. There was an excellent film on tv about them a while back, long but very watchable. Superb band and he was an excellent songwriter.