Tom Petty?

Tom Petty?


A Springsteenesque offering from the 80s with that awesome Rickenbacker (just for AG)


To be fair i do think Tom Petty is worthy of his own thread. Genuinely saddened, i was lucky enough to see him live a couple of times, the Heartbreakers were a great band. Fucking hell, he was two years younger than me, that concentrates the mind. RIP Mr Petty.


I saw them once, must have been the 70s. It was at the Wembley Arena and tickets weren’t selling well so they added Dave Edmonds as support. Great concert. I’ve been looking through my record collection this morning and he and the band made a lot of music over the years. There was an excellent film on tv about them a while back, long but very watchable. Superb band and he was an excellent songwriter.


I wonder if he played snooker!


I remember seeing an interview with him when he said Stevie Nicks wanted to join the band. His reply? “There ain’t no wimmin in the Heartbreakers.” Cool as fuck!


Loved the days when they did ‘mini film’ videos… teh very observent will spot ‘Matt le blanc’ in there as well


Love Tom Petty. He made interesting noises, and allowed me to win a stonking argument with Young Adult #2, then Juvenile Unit #2.

When Sam Smith released that song “Stay With Me”, I told my kids he and his songwriters had ripped off Petty. Sam Smith later ended up getting sued for ripping off Tom Petty :lou_sunglasses:

Early stuff is great. “I Won’t Back Down” is fantastic, but he remained a superb song writer into later life.

This is from a couple of years ago.


A classic from the 70s


For any fans - bit of a retro old school nostalgia piece on BBC 4 tonight at 1030 - 70s Rock goes to College is Tom Petty