Today's Big Issue


Saw that on Twitter and my first question was…

Did our boys actually help the lads SELL anything?

Might have at least shown ONE customer buying a copy from one of the players…

More to the point Phil did the players buy any?

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The issue is sodalarity wiv the omeless innit.

We have someone who ain’t doin much at the moment who can come and sit wiv em in a bus shelter tonight.

If you know about watches but not football it would have been quite disconcerting if you go to buy a Big Issue.

Florin was wearing a £16k Vacheron Constantine Overseas and I think Redmond’s wearing a £40k Rolex Day Date, cause for a double take anyway…

I don’t get that thing about watches. I can understand a wealthy person having a nice car and a nice house but FFS my £150 Seiko very probably keep as good time as a £16k watch. All of my watches have kept better time than my brother-in-law’s Cartier which kept crap time.


£150 Seiko @lifeintheslowlane …posh git.

I use my shitty £50 Microsoft dumb phone. It loses about 2mins a day. Have had it a year so I’m still officially in last week…

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Yeah it will do - quartz watches are super accurate. Mechanical watches are about appreciation for the mechanics and the beauty of the movement and finishing more than perfect accuracy (mine loses about 2 seconds a day)

Nice. I feel we’re the only Saints forum matching the spirit of the club at the moment, even if we do swear a lot more*.

* Except for Les Reed, when caller ID says it’s Anfield ringing.

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