Today in America being bonkers

White Supremacists surround a mosque, armed and hold a draw a Muhammad cartoon competition.

Stop the world, I wanna get off.

Seems pretty goofy.

What is the prize for best cartoon? I would have Muhammad selling off items of American culture like i.e. Marilyn Monroe and i.e. right for policeman to bear arms against black people, and underneath i would write “Profit Muhammad”

Edit: I would sign my cartoon, “by Tokyo-Saint”


Please just draw it anyway Bear, you can add it here and get loads of up votes, the papsweb version of reputations points!

I’d draw a picure consisting of a two pictures in one. In the first a magician is stood next to muhammad pointing his wand in his direction. Muhammad is wearing some slightly camp looking clothing. The caption in the first pic says something like “Now can see muhammad”. In the second picture there’s some smoke where muhammad was stood and a caption saying “Poof, muhammad is gone”.

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Well, it’s not exactly a constructive way to go about things, but then, Arizona is picking up something of a reputation as one of the least tolerant states in the union.

It’s a vile course of action that more than anything else, demonstrates how effectively the media has turned a fear of Islamic extremism into enabling “critics” to be able to repeatedly denigrate someone elses faith, using one of the most offensive ways to do so.

But “freedom of speech”, “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”, people will cry,

Fuck that. Freedom of speech is nowhere near universally applied, and no-one would stand for this behaviour if it were thick rednecks attacking synagogues.

I’ve said it before, but fuck people that use Freedom of Speech as a justification for their shitty actions.

It’s a gross misinterpretation and serves the purpose (especially when coupled with the Right to bare arms) to intimidate others and stifle their freedom of speech.

In fairness, this crap isn’t limited to 'Murica. We have our very own version here. The paramilitary styled, tank driving dimwits at Britain First fill that niche. Yay.


I wanted to draw a pic of Mohammed’s twin brother so that I wouldn’t get a bomb up my ass but I couldn’t find a reference photo. I googled Mohammed images, but apparently there are a LOT of dudes with the same name.

How does this work? Do you just draw a pic of just any guy wearing a turban and looking shifty then write his name underneath?

It seems that being a bigoted asshole takes way more thought and consideration than I had assumed. Kudos to those wankers, they are really putting a lot of effort into their craft. It was much easier in the old days when they had actual real life figures of their hatred that they could hang from trees or drag behind a pick-up truck.

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I like that you can swear on this forum. Fucknuggets. Cuntweasel.

As for the story itself, it makes me sad that people can be that intolerant. I guess Muslim bashing is the soup-du-jour though, the intellectually challenged people that think the blanket shaming and insulting of all Muslims is appropriate and justifiable will find some other group to latch onto soon enough. Waiting for someone to blow up a 7-11 in the name of Taoism.

I’m not entirely sure we can say cuntweasel. It seems a bit anti weasel to me. I have no problem about cunts, I like to be against those as much as possible. Anyway, explore the possibilities, push the boundaries, just try to not be a fucknugget about it.

This post was brought to you by Fucknuggets, the makers of Cuntweasel… Come because you got overly excited, Stay because we nailed your feet to the floor.

I like swearing.

It has less c*nting impact if it’s used too much though.

Back on sorta topic, here’s another example of what happens when you tell a bunch of people who have never dealt with Muslims before “what they are like”. Badly.

Remember this?

If anyone has seen the goings on in Oregon at the minute, Jon Ritzheimer is involved again.

Similar themes here.

Media representation: They are called militia & peaceful protestors. Be interested to see how they would be labelled if they were Black or Muslim? You can bet your bottom dollar in the latter case, a certain T would be be bandied about and if not the former they’d be gangs or similar.

Police/Political response: Well, 150 armed men threatening violence and what happens? Politicians offering support publically. And police not doing much. Whilst Black folk are killed in the street for selling cigarettes, traffic violations and endless other trivial reasons. Also worth noting the national guard were called in in Ferguson. Yet not for this.


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No matter how backward inbred and stupid these people are the aims and goals are slightly different, I disagree with them and find their attitudes wrong and out of date but they aren’t not religious fundamentalists are they?

Apples and oranges.

So, Black folk in the states are religious fundamentalists?

Also, by any (sensible) definiton of Terrorism, what these guys are doing fits the bill exactly. Unless, you only think Terrorism = the act of brown folk.

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If they fit the bill they would have been ended a long time ago, you’re trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Nah, Baz. You’re just making daft assumptions.

You don’t have to be a religious fundamentalist to be a Terrorist.

They are literally just to scare people into doing what they what. They are Terrorists.

The side issue, is that there are very noticable differences in the way the media portrays different groups and the way police react to different groups.

This is particularly evident in the States, where these examples are from.

Fucking hell the US is full of unbelievable fucktards isn’t it?


I agree they are wrong, backward and going about it in the wrong way but you turning it into something to fit your argument is well a bit low mate and a bit crap as you are wrong also trying to score capital from it.

Here’s the dude I mentioned above. It may, or may not give you an answer.

Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

I agree they are wrong, backward and going about it in the wrong way but you turning it into something to fit your argument is well a bit low mate and a bit crap as you are wrong also trying to score capital from it.

Which part, specifically, do you think is wrong?

That they taking part in terrorist activities? Why is that Barry? I’ve explained why I think it is. Can you offer any actual insight into why I am wrong?

That the media treats people differently? Again, I’ve given examples of why. Right here in this very thread. If you disagree, fair enough. But you could at least try and form a real argument. As I have said multiple times on here, the wording is always night and day.

Likewise, police response.

It’s not wrong, or low. C’mon, I thought you were papsweb’s noble fighter of hypocrisy and double standards? Or does that only come out when there’s a white guy taking some stick?

Originally posted by @KRG

Originally posted by @Chertsey-Saint

Fucking hell the US is full of unbelievable fucktards isn’t it?

Here’s the dude I mentioned above. It may, or may not give you an answer.

Just massive facepalms all round here.