'Tis the season to be jolly

'Tis the season to be jolly


For my opening post I come bearing gifts !

After the shenanigans at the booking office this week over the Fulham tickets that were sold out, and then weren’t … I now have more tickets than you can shake a stick at (don’t ask).

Tyke and I are finally in with the rabble in P4 but I also have 2 tickets in P2 row JJ (where the steps come out onto the stand) for 1 adult and 1 U18. P2 is the neutral zone. They are the print at home type so I can email them to the first takers. I don’t want anything for them - consider it a bribe for more upvoting and condemning Big Nipple to Xmas in second place on the leader board which we all know is the first losing position.

Happy Christmas everyone. COYR. CD


Whoooah…you nearly caught me there…I was going to upvote you but realised you’re already more than 20 luvvy points above me you fuckin’ upstart. :lou_angry:


Awwww, c’mon … you can’t start picking on the new boy, LITSL. Upvote me and I’ll throw in a Mars bar at half time along with the tickets. You know you want to.


Watching saints lose in the cup to Fulham is more of a Christmas punishment than present.


Now think we’ll definitely win.

My reasoning is that I wanted to take my daughter to her first game for this one. Instead I’m going to four fkn kingdoms to meet that disappointing git Father Christmas.

Not sure if this is just rubbing my nose in it or fate. Slightly sulky upvoting.


You’ve got to be cruel to be kind here CD…THERE IS NO HONEYMOON FOR NEWBIES. :lou_lol:


Have they gone? Me and teenage mutant will have them.


Drop me a PM with your email and they’re on their way to you.







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Don’t forget your bank details my most humble sir and I will deposit the princely sum of 1,500,000,000 rupees, sadly left to me by my dear departed father’s estate…