Tim sherwood

I really liked him as a player, and I like him as a pundit. Should I be ashamed?





Cmon, I’m watching manure villa and he made some very relevant and pertinent comments.

I’m probably a closet utd/spurs fan.

It’s like Boris Johnson, he witters on so much that sooner or later he’ll accidentally say something that’s relevant and even more amazingly…true.

It is with great sadness that we, the moderators, have to announce the first perma banning of a forum member.

@anal1 has been asked, offline, to renounce his heinous and disgusting thoughts and he has refused. His replies of “Sherwood is top totty” and “Tim makes me tingle” further enforced the thoughts that his views are not welcome on this forum…

It is with great sadness that we have taken this decision. This sort of behaviour will NOT be tolerated in future.

The perma banning of @anal1 may or may not have actually happened.


Having both Shytesmuff and Norf Lahnden Yobbos on his CV makes him a totally loathesome twat. I’m surprised he hasn’t played for Liverpool to complete the unholy trinity FFS. he probably ‘supports’ them though.


Now you’re being ridiculous.


He’s the spiritual successor to Redknapp in every way. You should definitely be ashamed.


Seems fairly unanimous. In my defence, it was 3 am and I was pissed at the time.


That is no excuse, ashamed we are that one of our own could even think such thoughts.
Consider yourself a very naughty boy.

Thanks, I like to think so. :lou_lol:

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My old employers sponsored Blackburn in the late 90’s and I was working out of their Fareham office, outnumbered by Skates, who luckilly weren’t any good at the time.

We moved to a new office in 1997 and the official opening was arranged for the day before Blackburn played at The Dell, which was the final home game of the annual relegation battle. This time under Souness. I got there really early and daubed the windows with Saints merchandising. Even got the secretaries to wear red and white scarfs.

In came the boss with the Blackburn captain, Tim Sherwood and whilst the Skates were wishing him luck in sending us down, I took the opportunity to tell what was going to happen the next day.

I was only half right. Saints won 2-0 stayed up, but he got sent off in front of us in The Milton for spitting at Benali. I tried but couldn’t get down the front to wish him well.


Sorry, I’m getting positive feelings towards sherwood again. And also b Rodgers. Sherwood was a great player, you can’t deny?

At best, Sherwood is an average forest.


Is everything ok?

Agree…it doesn’t have the diverse landscape of the New Forest.

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