Ticket for Man U away + season ticket for home games

i have a ticket for Man U away. I cannot go now as I am family camping! Doh!

I am down for the Watford game and will be in the Rockstone from 1 - if they have not been banned for selling alcohol again by then.

I will also post if required.

i also have a season ticket for the coming season and it is unlikely I will make many home games. Any Sunday home games I will not be going to and Sunderland home is up for grabs. £32 in the Itchen - Northam corner. The seat will be next to the one and only Pap, but don’t let that put you off. :lou_wink_2:

Let me know.



Still up for grabs.

I have a spare seat next to me for several Sat games. In fact whenever they are played. PM me if interested

If anyone has any spare Airmiles, I’ll pay you 32 quid for the ticket.

Would even pay for my lunch