⚽ This Weeks other games Including the FA Cup

England - Premier League March 16

23:00 AFC Bournemouth V Newcastle United Home win
23:00 Burnley V Leicester City Away Win
23:00 West Ham United V Huddersfield Town Home win

England - Premier League March 17

22:15 Fulham V Liverpool Away win

England - FA Cup March 16

20:15 Watford V Crystal Palace Home win

March 17
01:20 Swansea City V Manchester City Away win
03:55 Wolverhampton Wanderers V Manchester United Away win AET
22:00 Millwall V Brighton & Hove Albion Home win

Cannot put any money on as the Internet Police have locked all the bloody escape points in the system.

I filled out my form wrong so have ended up with a 7200/1 £5 acca. If it comes in it will be the best mistake I ever made.


FT Watford 2-1 Crystal Palace

Tuned in to the Leeds game … what a belter. No goals but it’s a proper fight.

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Sheffield Utd making things very interesting at the top of the championship.

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Yep also watched the Leeds match. Brilliant. And a top mate of mine is a huge Blades fan :grinning:

Wet Spam getting spanked by bottom club Huddersfield at the Public Amenity Stadium… 1 - 3 after 65 minutes.
Oops…the Spammers get one back…2 - 3

Oh dear Huddesfield all but lose a central defender with an injury after they’ve already used their full quota and conceed again in the 84th minute. 3 - 3

Leicester go ahead against Burnley (Leicester with 10 men from 4min)

And blimey Wet Spam come back to 4:3…

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…and there we have it, the inevitable winner in the 91st minute… 4 - 3 to Wet Spam.

All over at Burnley :smiley:


Swansea lead Man City.

By two now :rofl:

cracking goal that.


Well dodgy penalty for Citeh

Typical “lucky” decision for top cunts.

Well chuffed with the burnley result :+1::+1:


I thought they were retrospectively going to look at dubious penalties and charge players with diving.

Sterling deserves a five match ban for that blatant bit of cheating.


And now Aguero scores, what will likely be the winner, from an offside position.

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Hmmm…no surprise at the result.

Cheating cunt Sterling


Pundits made, for once a sensible comment on the lack of VAR at the Swansea/City game…“two tier FA Cup”. VAR will be used for the Wolves/Untd game but not for the earlier game where it’s use would have produced a different result. How can you play the same FA Cup round with two different set of rules…fuckin’ madness. :rage: