:pl: ⚽ This weeks other games 10-12th January 2020

Jeez #SHUWHU is utter shit

I may have missed a rude word out from my description of the game before shit.
The word begins with F and ends with ucking

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It’s seriously better than watching Frozen II for the 6th time this week…

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Oh dear, what disastrous goalkeeping there by West Ham

Sheff Utd 1 - 0 West Ham

What a goal but wait, given offside on the field and he was, well at least half of his upper body was.

West Ham equalise, but wait, VAR says it touched a hand in the build up.

No goal

David Moyes’ face went from Mrs Doubtfire to Davros of the Daleks.



doubled my beer tokens on a home win also keeps wet spam closer to the bottom three.

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And here’s the VAR decision

Harsh but them’s the rules.

Clear handball, whether you like VAR or not. The ball hit his arm and dropped nicely at his feet. He may not have intended it, but that’s not the point.

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Chelsea 2-0 Burnley
Everton 1-0 Brighton and Hove Albion
Manchester Ubnited 1-0 Norwich
Wolves 1-1 Newcastle United

Thats good for the accy not the bru

Crystal Palace 1-1 Arsenal
Chelsea 3-0 Burnley
Everton 1-0 Brighton and Hove Albion
Manchester Ubnited 4-0 Norwich
Wolves 1-1 Newcastle United

And my acca comes in az well as a Saints win

What are we calling Map of Tas next season ?


Spurs losing to scoushampton

Watford ahead at Bournemouth. Bournemouth are going backwards fast.

2-0 now. Bournemouth really are garbage. Their decline has snuck under the radar a bit for me.

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Finished 3-0 to Watford.

Could see Bournemouth panicking and parting with Howe.

Their record is dreadful.

Huge injury list hasnt helped them tbh