This is How Society Dies

Too late? No turning back? A society devoid of compassion?

Personal social interaction is what’s needed. One selfless act of kindness a day will escalate if we all do it. It should be our major aim each day.


Not sure I should have liked, but you know what I mean… I suspect too many would see this as a project doom and gloom, many of the very people who switched to voting Tory included, if the various vox pops in Labour heartlands are to be believed - they all back this up.

Interestingly, many of those who switched were not even able to articulate why they voted Labour traditionally, simply that they did, but they struggled with any rational reason, and the reasons they spouted for switching were all the standard ones that were based on the anti corbyn campaigns - and brexit of course… even using the ‘get it done’ slogan… But it does appear that we have bigger shift from what is right for our society, to what is right for the self…

But the bigger picture of societal collapse is perhaps more worrying… the symptoms are all there, and as the article indicates, there is a danger of some European countries doing the same… although because they have much higher existing social provision… the people may well not take it lying down, as in France etc… so I suspect for the Big EU nations, the people who have become used to higher standards, will be more resistant to their erosion… we simply gave up… the spirit crushed back in 79-87…

Its one of the more ‘symbolic/philosophical’ reasons for my belief in the EU project despite all its issues and inconsistencies - that it aligns us more towards the willingness to pay for improved society… than the selfish ‘broken dreams of the Wastelands of the Free’… but that view tends to be scoffed at by those that were most vocal in their brexit support… dismissed as the ‘wet dreams of the snowflake generation…’ then again irony never was their strongpoint.

Tory cunts will charge for one act of kindness though, and then out source it on minimum wage.


France is totally different, as I said on more than one occasion, all this protest are coming to a head now but they really were or as far as the unions were about pension reform, for France to survive they have to take place but the unions won’t take it lying down, for the preserve of France though there has to be change.

My “one act of kindness a day” might seem naive but when giving up a seat for a pregnant woman or for someone with a walking stick, is seen as condescending I think somewhere along the way we’ve lost something on a very basic level.
People sleeping on the streets, seen as a threat, Bournemouth Council applauded for installing guard rails on public seating so rough sleepers can’t use them, memes last week of refugees in an inflatable with the text “oppps, turn back Corbyn lost”…compassion is now conflated as being naive and being taken for a ride.
The most naive thing I’ve heard in recent years is “Take Back Control” FFS you never had in the first place…you certainly haven’t got it now.

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That’s missing the whole point of the article though. It’s basically saying that the French and mainland Europe have got it right, that we should be retiring aged 60, etc. The protests will inevitably be successful, Macron will back down from his horrifying proposal of raising the pension age to 62 and it’ll be business as usual in France.

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The key word in that generalisation article is Investment.

Anglo America have moved to a business model of quick deals, instant returns. The people have followed. Investment for the future? For a growing business? Nobody is interested. Hedge Funds Disaster Capitalism deliberately break things up to make another quick buck.
On the tours here I tell a simple example. Municipalities here provide a service that is their DNA. In UK it seems they exist to cut costs.
Build a pavement in every village so children can walk to schools that are still open a long term investment, in building a future.
Capitalism is fine, until you, the public have everything you need then what?
Investment and quality buy clothes at Primark that last a month I bought clothes to last not to throw away.
Of course I’m responding to generalisations with my own, but the core of UK & US society when viewed from outside is about now. That is what has trickled down, not societal wealth. Now.
Make a quick buck. Screw tomorrow.