This is a tremendous interview


It really is, I think there are visible fault lines being stated here and the right and tories are exploiting them, please watch he’s a cool guy.



Yeah, we’ve got a dynamite in the chat thread for this.

This ain’t SaintsWeb, Barry. You don’t get points for threads.

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could also go on the podcast thread. I’d love to tidy up the threads and make sure things are in the right place!

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You live in Islington right? Were you the person who tidied up the murder at the weekend by putting the deceased in a wheelie bin? Very public spirited but a bit OCD though.


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I used to work in Islington, I was there on Saturday. Don’t remember tidying up a murder scene…

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Didn’t you post that you’d had a few drinkies?

Just sayin like…



True. But I have an alibi. So all good.



Phew, otherwise we could have had our first Sotonians “lifer”