Things that make you go "Nope"

Pretty self explanatory, really. Things you see that make you go, Nope.

My starter for 10



Some folks are indeed very stupid. I have seen countless videos of free climbers, the blokes that hurl themselves off mountains in bat suits etc… only to hear the usual story that they have now left this mortal coil in an ‘accident’ on mount whatever. The problem with these ‘adrenalin junkies’ is that their attidude is fundementally selfish. It’s all ‘its my life, and I can do what I want with it’ - which is true. … But the effect it has on their parents, siblings and loved ones should be shown to all. At a time when too many lives are lost through war, starvation and disease, seems fucking outrageous that healthy folk are so reckless with such a precious gift. I suspect all parents feel the same?


I’m the same with climbing ladders…3rd rung and no further.

I did go to the top of The Eiffel Tower and was terrified…my wife asked why I went to the top and not one of the lower stages…I’d be just as terrified on the first stage and the top has better views.

That’s not really a “nope” is it. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Human Puke Nope not cleaning it up .

Dogs cats any other animal but you.

I’d say so. Just looking at the Eiffel Tower, the thought of the going to the top makes me think, Nope.

True story, I recently nearly passed out on an escalator at Heathrow. They go up so high, and apparently I’m now getting vertigo so bad that it is truly debilitating. Also, a nope moment. I have no idea why this has come on so strong recently, I never used to have this issue. Used to scare the life out of my mum climbing to the tops of trees as a nipper.

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It’s heights for me too. When up high I feel like I’m going to pass out sometimes. It’s mental as sure I never used tp be like this.

Not even with Bearsy’s !!!

Eric after aweek at work with no chance of a wank you would

go on admit it you would :slight_smile:

Looking at the arses of the bints that traverse Southampton highstreet Nope aint going to happen.

My reaction to the Ayatollah asking the following questions:

“shall we go shopping in town today?”

“shall we have the Smiths round for dinner?” (named changed just incase they read this)

“Can I have the remote” when MOTD / any footie is on

“Shall we keep the rest of the bottle of wine for tomorrow?”

Definitely wouldn’t want to have dinner with the Smith’s, especially that vegan twat Morrissey.

re Vertigo

Stayed in the Park Plaza London this weekend, 12th floor, floor to celing windows. I would not go near the windows to enjoy the view!!

Had to walk dowen the middle of the Jubilee bridge when walking from trafalgar Square to Waterloo…

More’s the shame, could have waved to me as I went past on the train.

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Not even with Bearsy’s !!!

Congratulations. You are the millionth person on the Internet to laugh at this woman with Down’s Syndrome. The missus grew up near her and her sister.

btw, I’m well aware that most people that pass this image on do so without knowing the background. However, I’ve never seen anyone use the image again once they’ve been told about it.

Fair Do’s … change made.

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Originally posted by @ericofarabia

Not even with Bearsy’s !!!

Revised version … you’d have to roll them around in a barrell of flour to find the wet spot … yuk.

One on the right looks ok.

Slap the thighs and ride the waves in…

Homemade Bulgarian Rakia.

Never, ever, ever, ever again.

Sangsom set.

Never, ever, ever ever ever again.

I have a bottle of this which I have had for about 5 years. Can’t even think about opening it without doing a little bit of sick in my mouth.

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Any chance this could not turn into a “I wouldn’t poke her”, body shaming thread?

Yes, yes, I’m sure these women will be devastated to hear random dudes on the internet aren’t interested in them. But, I’m sure we can do without such a thread.