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I didn’t really know where to put this so I thought I would start a new thread. As a thread title I think it may have legs.
I have been amusing myself today reading about Tommy Robinson,aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and his latest travails.He has declared himself bankrupt, despite receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations and funding. The Independent has seen financial documents indicating the huge scale of funding given to Robinson since 2018. In just two months he received 425,000 in donations from his supporters, documents suggest. He is also believed to have raised a significantly larger amount after being jailed for contempt of court in May 2018, though an American group called Middle East Forum, (Run by a very unsavoury American/Israeli), who are a white supremacist, anti Muslim group, funded his defence and paid all his legal costs.
Former employees are now raising questions about where the money from fundraising campaigns went. After 10,000 was donated for a protest called the “Day For Freedom”, a video producer working for Robinson claimed money he requested for equipment and to cover overheads never materialised, although he witnessed the transfer of large sums of money from a crowdfunding page into Robinson’s business account. He told The Independent that after noticing the withdrawal of 33,000 in donations, he asked what the money was being used for. He says he was told by Robinson that he had"mates I’ve got to pay back" for “seshes”. “We realised that he was withdrawing huge amounts in cash from a business account, and just giving it to friends who were selling him coke and who he owed for nights out”.“That wasn’t what we signed up for when we told our supporters that we needed it for kit, expenses,transport, security and staff costs”. Other employees complained of not being properly renumerated while working for Robinson. They claimed that when drunk, Robinson would boast of being “Fucking loaded”, and making “mad money”, while making lavish purchases, including a new car and designer clothes.

His family home, a large property, situated in an upmarket Bedfordshire village which he claims to have built himself, was on the market for 900,000 and sold for just under that…
While living there, Robinson continued asking supporters for money to fund his work, and his website’s e mail address was flooded with messages from well- wishers.

“I have just donated 20 pound to your cause Tommy, sorry I can’t afford any more as I am only on minimum wage,” one guy wrote in an e mail seen by The Independent. Another supporter wrote, “I haven’t got much, but when I saw you needed kit and a new camera, I donated 50 pounds to your website”. Oh deary deary me!

“Tommy needs your help”, read a message on his website. “Tommy fights for us all, the burden is too great for one man to carry, maybe you can help alleviate that burden”. Hahaha.

From another employee, “I remember him going to a cashpoint and withdrawing 500 pound and being like,‘That’s for later’, and he just carried on doing it”. “It went on coke habits, prostitutes, stuff like that, and his supporters thought it was going to kids who were victims of grooming, security and the like”.
Robinson denies all the claims and told The Independent,“I have the utmost respect for my supporters and have never behaved in a dishonest way”.
Good luck with that one Tommy Boy, although it must have been like taking candy off a baby in the present climate.


I’m disappointed that the current government has not been more vociferous about Little Tommy and how he was omnipresent across social media and portrayed as the savior of the UK working class (& right wing loons).

Go down rabbit holes on some of his “supporters” on Twatter and there’s a disturbing group of people who I’m surprised can function in society.


Good thread Notty.
The key here is whether it stays “tommy” or moves on to cover the likes of MLT on Twitter, or stories of gullible fools.

Personally I think it would be great to have a what were you thinking thread which this has been set up to become.

I agree, I certainly didn’t intend it to just cover Tommy Robinson and his gullible supporters, I’m sure there are plenty more examples out there.


Moving the story across from the Corona Thread.
BFF update.
A new Tour Group landed today on a package tour. Following local protocol they were tested on arrival and told to stay in their rooms.
They didn’t.
Half of them have tested positive and are wandering around the hotel its bars restaurants and grounds.
The residents demanded they be quarantined and security in a different part and the response "not enough staff due to Covid cases.
I’ve been asked to type up a complaint letter in English and I’m like WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!
Yes but we were assured it was safe and blah blah blah.

It would be funny except they have their Mum with them who has a compromised immune system having had Cancer 18 months ago.

Sometimes there aren’t enough Face Palms.
And Brits on Twitter demanding their right to travel with no Jab Certificate.


Beat me to sharing this.

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I’m clearly at the back of the line. :wink:

I sense there are going to be a lot of people in frantic denial about how much the bought into him - particularly on social media. Mind you, I’m sure a lot will be saying how he’s been set up :roll_eyes:

What an odious individual he is. I can’t believe that people are stupid enough to send him money.


Just seeing on twitter that he targeted other journalists, would turn up at their doors and made similar allegations. He is a bully.


I’ve seen a film clip of him walking up to someone and decking them with one punch. He claims the person said something to him that he didn’t like. I would imagine that happens quite a lot to him. I believe he has taken his Tommy Robinson name from a football thug.

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The new great British trait. Being offended by anything & justifying it
Free speech innit

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Serves the fucker right.

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Apparently there are millions of them. :roll_eyes:

Daft fuckers

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Didn’t they all used to eat tide pods on tik tok as well?

Think I’ll pass.


Just seen someone asking for babysitter recommendations on Facebook.

They may as well say “hey nonces, get it here!”

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Recommendations in general are a fucking minefield these days. It seems every social media group has a large chunk of cunts who want someone else to recommend someone / thing instead of looking it up themselves. Then, if it all goes wrong, the poor bastard who tried to help out with a shout, is the one to blame.
A whatsapp group of old school mates got a bit overblown and quite a few acquaintances from school were allowed to join, not real buddies to me though. One wanted to know if anyone knew a decent spread. I recommended someone who gave them a price but because they couldn’t start for three months, I was the cunt!!. Apparently i shouldn’t have recommended someone who couldn’t start at the drop of a hat.

3 month wait for a good plasterer sounds quick to me!

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Any plasterer that could start a job immediately really can’t be much good. :thinking:


Aye! rare as rocking horse shite at the moment!