There’s something about

OK, a sad old thread for posting your ‘crushes’… but not obvious celebs and models, those who you just like for whatever reason…

I will start with Michela Chiappa, Half Welsh, half Italian cookery presenter who you can catch on iPlayer ‘Our Food, Our family…


Damn. Was hoping this was about Mary.

Will take time to reply as I need to Tellysnap some of the local presenters/weathergirls without being spotted by Mrs P_F

Countryfile presenter Elle Harrison…I likes a country girl. :stuck_out_tongue:


Your pic is not loading on my phone… but I k ow who she’s is and would have to agree that rummaging in her hedgerow would have more than eco benefits :slightly_smiling_face:

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Arabella Weir. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Actually was at a concert of hers last year. Well, sitting on a river bank while her music wafted over us.
She was on breakfast TV so rather than do the suspicious tv snap here is an unplugged YouTube of her

Ah, a chap who appreciates a lady with a proper arse. Hear hear!

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Is it because she knows her cricket or…


There’s a hint of Star Trek about her. :thinking:

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Call me a party pooper if you must, but couldn’t this thread be re-titled “My borderline wank bank” and not suffer too much?

It’s merely innocent crushes, not lustful dirty thoughts!

Yeah, borderline wankbank was the “which in character actor/actress would you want to be locked down with?” thread.

This is a Hmmmmmmmmm thread.
Very different beast

I find that the two are only separated by a couple of seconds

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Sky have started a dedicated NFL channel and are showing Good Morning Football introduced by Kay Adams.

I may start an “innocent crush”. At first.

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Excellent. Will you be getting an international restraining order?

Do I need one?

What’s she like?

Fit blokes and bacardi breezers? :thinking:

I think this is a chloroform case, @Lets-B-Drinking.

See @Goatboy for details.

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I’ve got the bacardi.