Theatre recommendations

Theatre recommendations


I know this may not be for everyone but hey I am not into football.

Admittedly I will be recommending stuff I’ve seen in London but know that the Mayflower has some cracking stuff (slightly biased as I used to work there). I used to see a lot of musicals and great shows but haven’t for a while. So this is something I hope to keep up.

Recently went to see ‘The Dresser’ with Reece Shearsmith and Ken Stott as main players. It also has Harriet Thorpe from the Brittas Empire. It’s on at Chichester Festival Theatre currently. It’s a story of back stage of a play and the dresser getting the star on the stage who has anxiety. It’s set in the second world war and during an airraid. Doesn’t sound all that from my description but it was pretty moving.

Also saw ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night’. I read the book a few years ago. The play is something else. Really pared back on the stage, a bit of a blank canvas with lots of lighting and clever props popping out from places. How they portray the confusing world for someone with Autism is pretty stunning. As I came out of the threate into Central London’s busy streets and noise I could see how people find it difficult.


I’ve got tickets for Harry Potter in June and I’ve got an alarm set for tomorrow morning to try and buy Hamilton tickets.

Also, Book of Mormon is brilliant :+1:


Book of Mormon is indeed outstanding.

My sister recommended Curious, but have yet to get there.

Saw One Man Two Guvnors which was also very good, and saw Les Miserables again in October.

Next one to see is “The Play that goes wrong”, which is in April.


Musicals are just films for thick people who can’t follow plots unless they are explained in song.


I recommend the Royal South Hants over the General


Mrs C_S says I’m not allowed to go to the theatre anymore because I usually fall asleep. Fine by me tbf.

She and the kids saw the two harry potter plays the other day and was raving about them - the plays, not the kids.


I’ve watched a couple of operations in theatre.

On reflection I think the eye one was more scary than the one where the bloke shoved a little camera up a guy’s todger. :astonished:

The surgeon tried to show me the DVD close-ups of the eye op with him hacking away at the retina - so I just looked over the top of the screen at the blank wall and nodded politely.


I came back to post about a play and found this comment. Bit late to this. Anyway I had 3 eye operations as a kid. I woke up in the middle of one of them. Always fun.


We went to see Glengarry Glen Ross the other week.

here’s a bit of the blurb as I cannot be bothered to think about it. “Lies. Greed. Corruption. It’s all business as usual. Glengarry Glen Ross takes place in the office of a group of cut-throat Chicago salesmen, willing to go to any lengths to get sales, legal or not. Pitting against each other, it’s a high-stakes competition to get one up on each other, and soon the increasingly desperate four employees are fighting to win. But as time and luck begin to run out, one thing becomes clear: close the deal and you win; blow the deal and you’re out.”

Stars Christian Slater, Kris Marshall, Robert Glenister, Stanley Townsend and Don Warrington.

We quite enjoyed it. It’s not massively long which is a bonus.

It’s also a 1992 film with a actor who is now fallen from grace.


It’s a really good film. Mamet wrote it in the 80’s and it’s as relevant now as it was then. Kevin Spacey had a minor role tbh. One of Jack Lemmon’s last roles, “Levine the Machine” is one of his best. No one can write dialogue like Mamet.



I was thinking of going see the Book Of Mermen cos I love those South Park Guys. Will I genuine enjoy it? It’s important cos theatre tickets are are a v.serious investment to me. So expensive! I’m worried that I will be v.bored after about 32 minutes, because every time I’ve been to theatre before, I have been v.bored after i.e. 32 minutes.

These are the theatre musicals I have seen before in my whole life for reference. I thought they was all v.boring. If the Mermen one is no better than these let me know pls and I Won’t Bother:

Miss Saigons

Avenue Q


The one with the roller skates or whatever it was

Chitty Shitty Bang Bang