:2022: The Year In Review

It has been a year like no other, we’ve been saying this for three years on the row now. Time for a bit of reflection on the monster that was 2022.

There are loads of things I could bulletpoint now, but in the spirit of starting a discussion and taking a quick back seat, I hand it over to you.

What stood out for you in 2022?

Tories in power started the year as self servicing cunts
Had a wobble as they went through a few PMs through various levels of infighting as they struggled with which tory was the biggest self serving cunt that could lead them… before settling on a fucking big self serving banker of a cunt who is happy to ‘unleash’ more self serving cuntish bankers so that they can further fuck up the lives of ordinary folks whilst making themselves richer cunts as the controls put in place following their last self serving cuntish behaviour which meant they had to be bailed out by the tax payers are removed… but perhaps the biggest cunts are those who voted for them… especially the stupid cunts who used to vote labour.


Seeing our tour business and income devastated by a madman in Moscow.
Seeing single young women pushing babies in buggies at various points around the City out of utter boredom.
Seeing this Country with all it’s own problems stand up and help.
And my knees disintegrating.

Oh and oddly watching MLT possibly be shown to be not batshit crazy on Twitter after all

The twitter bit is where you went wrong as whatever is ‘communicated over twitter’ has fuck all credibility anyway… he will always be batshit crazy whilst he holds his antivax views… and that is the the POV of someone who works with the science

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… back when Labour had a few principles worth voting for, and before the days when a vote for Labour was a vote for Labour, as opposed to a protest vote against the Tories.

I am talking about the folks who voted labour when they saw themselves as working class… yet voted tory because brexit might mean less foreigners taking over their northern towns… and there were plenty…

If that’s what they thought, that’s what they thought. Are we supposed to only allow votes from people meeting your own personal criteria?

…no, but would prefer folks voted without prejudice or being misinformed…

Ah, honest campaigning. How do you suppose the vote would have gone if it had been made clear that a Remain vote would inevitably mean entering the single currency? Still close?

Not sure in reality most folks give a fuck about then pound… unless told its so important… Problem is folks putting conceptual ideals ahead of pragmatism… its why we are are in such shit now. Many will never admit it, but many businesses seriously struggling with Brexit ‘red tape’ despite government announcing bankers are free of it… its a shit show and the champions of brexit are making a shedload, whilst those who voted for it have seen fuck all benefit… but hey why worry we have 370mil a week back in then NHS… er… uhm…

Bankers face huge fines for cunts risking investments that impact on ordinary folks pension funds, yet Brexit voters happy letting these fuckers take back pre 2008 lack of regulation…

despite being a socialist… at times I think those that get fucked up the arse might consider why the dropped their trousers and bent over?

Come off it. That would have meant a landslide, and if they’d also mentioned the compulsory id cards that would have killed Remain stone dead.

FFS, we have fucking passports … why is an iD card so objectionable? FFS it would help with cultish employers employing illegal immigrates illegally… but hey we won’t mention that immigration is not the problem, its the cunts who employ immigrants illegally…

We don’t have to carry id cards with us. No UK government has tried to introduce them because they know they’d be laughed out of court.

And to most people, the idea of ditching our own currency and adopting a European one is anathema, as well you know.

But of course, the Remain campaign was rigorous in it’s honesty.

Fair, and I met the guy who invented the tech to empower the Astra-Zenecs jabs.
I do also detect a worrying number of Vaccine injured reports & potential issues with immune systems

I’d love to see them renuffrd properly

Has everyone got the right year? Most of this thread seems to be about stuff settled three years ago.

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Can we send the SAS to ‘repatriate’ that cunt Mone?

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Thought I’d stumbled on to the Brexit thread by accident


World Cup 2022

Engerland failed yet again.


On the way back to the moon - should have been sooner, but hey.