The Xmas quiz thread

Go on, challenge a Sotonian to answer your quiz questions (Saints, Football or anything) - stolen from the Internet or from your own septic mind.

If you answer, please quote the original question and Googling for the answer proves nothing other than that you’re a cunt…

Football u-turns.

Which club was Matt Le Tissier referring to when he said: 'That was in 1990 and it was pretty much a done deal; I'd agreed terms on the contract and everything. But I pulled out of it because I was about to get married and my fiancée at the time didn't fancy living [there]'?

Newcastle United
Tottenham Hotspur
Manchester United

Which player posed in front of cameras in a Manchester United shirt before moving to Chelsea instead in 2005?

Ricardo Carvalho
John Obi Mikel
Arjen Robben
Petr Cech

Which player snubbed former club Celtic to join Rangers from Nantes in 1989?

Mo Johnston
Terry Butcher
Stuart Munro
Ian McCall

Which striker was due to join Barcelona from Millonarios before political intervention took him to Real Madrid?

Luís Figo
Roberto Carlos
Alfredo Di Stéfano

The promise of a sunbed took which player to Tottenham Hotspur instead of Manchester United?

Dele Alli
Teddy Sheringham
Jürgen Klinsmann
Paul Gascoigne

Which player had a trial for Sheffield Wednesday before he signed for one of their Yorkshire rivals in the early 1990s?

David Batty
Gary McAllister
Eric Cantona
Gary Speed

Which player was Blackburn Rovers chairman Jack Walker talking about when he told Kenny Dalglish: 'Why do you want him when we have Tim Sherwood'?

David Beckham
Luís Figo
Robbie Keane
Zinedine Zidane

Which 17-year-old did Sheffield United have a deal set up for in 1978 when they realised they could not afford the £200,000 fee?

Michel Platini
Frank Rijkaard
Glenn Hoddle
Diego Maradona

Complete this quote from Robinho in 2008: 'At the last minute ... made me a great offer and I ended up accepting it.'

Manchester City
Manchester United

David Unsworth joined Aston Villa in 1998 but left quickly due to homesickness. How many times he did play for the club before returning to Everton?


I enjoyed this online quiz yesterday…I got 9 out of 10. I got Southampton wrong. :lou_facepalm_2:

Indentify Cities Quiz

I await the entrance of smug twats from stage left after their short tour of Google…

Tried quoting it but just accidentally click on a different one than I mean to and can’t change it so:

1.B, 2.B, 3.C, 4.D, 5.D, 6.C, 7.D,8.D, 9.A, 10.C

8/10 on U turns. Got last two wrong.

3, 9 and 10 are wrong. I got 7 too BTW.

Got the Robinho one wrong. In my defence, so did he.


Yeah, trick question that one, 8/10 for me, got 9 and 10 wrong.

Got 9/10 with no Googlies involved. Like SoS above, I put the club that Robinho meant to say. Anyway, I am a smug twat.

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Exactly the same. Not a smug twat though

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Anyone who got more than me is a smug twat. Even if they say they’re not.


Here’s another one for you.

What was the name of my Geography teacher in senior school?

Ok bros here is my Questions. How close have you been study Sotonians this yr?

Question 1: What did goatboy suggest Corbyn had done to frbl’s wife?

Bonus point: Which two individuals did frbl also tell off for ‘liking’ the idea?

Question 2: What did Barry call his Baby?

Bonus point: What did Barry call everyone else?

Question 3: Ant got a new tattoo year - what bodypart was it on?

Bonus point: What did it look like? a) Susan Tadic Face b) A sexy fish c) Barry’s baby tried to draw a dog

Question 4: Which poster did we have to toilet train this year, because they were doing it all wrong?

Bonus point: Where was they going wrong?

Question 5: Who caused Bearsy to invest a “significant two figure sum” on Pellegrini next Saints manager?

Bonus Christmas question. Whose work is this?

I once had a office job that I found boring and unfulfilling. I spent a long time pondering the same question posed on this thread…do I hand in my notice without any job to go to or not? I was single at the time and renting and these things need to be taken into consideration. Anyway, one day, in November, I woke up and I had a feeling that I needed a change and that something or someone was pushing me for a change. I came close to handing my notice in but got cold feet. I could tell I was unhappy at work, I was putting on weight and not taking pride in my personal appearance. I had an unkempt beard, not one of those hipster ones. A few weeks went on and I was still unhappy, putting on weight and feeling that I should be doing something else. I finally had enough, almost was almost compelled to hand my notice in. So I did, a week before Christmas. I remember going home feeling happy and sad at the same time, excited about the future but worried about life. That night I slept well and the very next day I was headhunted and have been very happy where I am ever since. They have me my own company car, more of a sleigh than a car and a suit to wear, nice and red. They seemed to like the fact that I had put on a lot of weight and encouraged me to keep growing the beard. It was refreshing to come across a company who looked beyond appearances. I have never been so happy and laugh more now than ever before. And the best thing of all is that I only work one day a year and if people are cunts then I get to fuck their year up.



Originally posted by @dinger



Clue time.

First name was Mr.


That last bonus question Bear - is that CoxfordLou?

I don’t remember his name but his catchphrase was 'rub it little Bletch - like you are trying to create an oxbow lake from a silted river!’

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I assumed it was Mr Trampoline and maybe I missed it since I stopped readin gthe career thread…