The Winter Olympics North Korean defection predictions (It's better down south right!)

I see that North Korea are allowing some of its people to head down south to the 2018 winter Olympics in February being held in Pyeongchang South Korea.

They are sending:

  • 22 athletes

  • 24 coaches and officials

  • 230 cheerleaders (I’m not sure if this is North Korean code for ‘guards to ensure no one does a runner’?)

  • 140 artists

  • 30 taekwondo players

I’d be amazed if they all turn up for the bus home at the end of the games!

So out of the 446 people, how many do you think will defect?

I’ll go for 116 people (26%). I’d have said a higher amount, but I do think they’ll be monitored and kept on a tight leash.

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Is this a sweepstake? What do we win? A years supply of Jacket Potatoes?

I’m going for a low 20…

Maybe a one way ticket to North Korea? :smile:

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I’d say it’ll be down to whoever has no living relatives back home to worry about, if you get my drift…


Zero defections…the families of athletes and supporters will be kept in holding pens until they return.

That’s what I’d do anyway.

…oops did I say that out loud. :blush:


Good point made by @cobham-saint and @lifeintheslowlane i hadn’t thought about that.

It doesn’t seem to have stopped people before and with that in mind, i will say all of them that rank higher than the guards(plus a couple of athletes).

If you get the chance have a read of Dear Leader by Jang Jin-Sung.

An interesting account of his life in N Korea and subsequent escape to the South via China.

140 artists? Why? Is that a sport?

Piss Artists = Water Sports?

Maybe not…

Why not send 80 poets or the North Korean Pam Ayres?


They are there to record the presentation of all the North Korean gold medals…more artistic than sterile photographs.

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Yep, otherwise who would believe that Kim Jong-un had won the 100m?


And that he beat the odds on American favourite, Donald trump

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2, one of whom will be shot

Golden medals are the prize the North and South are chasin’

The archers are n’ archin and the racers are a racin’

Though throw and vault and jump they might

The harsh truth that they’re facin’

Is that their leader’s hair is shite, coiffured around a basin.

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I’m going to admit to having mixed feelings about this effort.

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Our very own Sotonian Pam Ayres

Goat, your talent knows no bounds - unfortunately.

No defections but they will win a ton of medals after getting the other nations to all try extra hot Kim Chi so they are all sat on the bogs all day long.