The Watford Probe

Screams The Banner Headlines on various Sports News Pages.

Initially I didn’t read it as I presumed it was Elton John talking about his tiny todger. :confused:

Surely somebody can prove that Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton, Arsenal and Spurs have also handed in dodgy figures and all get massive points reductions paving the way for us to be Champions.

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It actually is really a big issue and was SO bloody obvious that it looked like a scam Barry the Briefcase would have tried.

Owner of Watford sells his club to his Son via an SPV (front company)

All Football (well all takeover deals for anything EXCEPT BHS) require you to show a Proof of Funds.

So the SPV showed a Letter from HSBC. Simples.

Except it was HSBC Premium - which is ONLY for Rich People (It’s where Granty keeps the Curry Fund)

Premium has NOTHING to do with Business Banking so it was a Fraud.

Big Time Fraud.

Pointless because it did not materially affect the takeover BUT Financial Fraud.

They will track down everyone involved, give them a big bonus and invite them all to become Masons and MP’s


Why am I not surprised at the story I.e corruption/ fraud in Football or the fact it has taken 5 hours to get 3 comments on this thread?

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It is a quiet thread Cob. They’re probably all getting their knickers in twist over on the ‘fit chick’ thread

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Or the Heathrow one mate …must pop back over to see how Phil’s impression of a winged Lord D is going.

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Ah, haven’t had a look over there … will do now

Saints got -10 points for having a bank overdraft withdrawn…happens every day.

Watford however have embarked on a deliberate fraud. That must be worthyof at least -500 points…what do Sotonians think?

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Hehe … see what you mean ya nimby

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No let them off, I have Hull City to finish bottom as well as Swansea going down with them. Liverpool top 4 and Newcastle to win the Championship. £2k return. I do not need Watford in the mix. It is bad enough that Sunderland are so bloody bad!

We are in the 3rd month of the new season and Newcastle still have won more recently in the premier league than Sunderland and they have not been in it since May!


You’re just jealous that Lymington International was a non-starter…


You can’t have them getting away with it like the fishy few did…everybody knew the fishy few deserved -500 for being serial offenders…Watford’s owner has been investigated wherever he’s owned a club.

Nail the bastard I say!

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Meh. I was too busy drinking beer then getting the whole Pub singing along to Joe Dolce at Karaoke to post sensible wind ups tonight

They tried mate tried. The villagers had an uprising against the sky barons they did . The revolting peasents sent them airline people packing, without a pitchfork or sickle being raised in anger. There was plenty of turnips thrown tho’ and a hell of a lot of whoopin’ and hollerin’.

They were cunts anyway, except the really fit bird in the group, the secretary I s’pose.

Me personally, well I am a little bit jealous of both your airports.

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In my experience Lymington International always run too many replacement bus services to be a viable alternative to Heathrow.

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I always found the service in Lymington to be ferry good

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Yeah, it’s all wight

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