The Water Thread

The Water Thread


Today I shall be drinking water. Lots of water.

My drink of choice today is Eastleigh tap water.

Please give a nod to your favourite combination of hydrogen and oxygen below.


Water is for cunts


I normally add it to tea and coffee - I find it very agreeable.


I don’t mind water. I don’t have a preferred brand, although it has to be the non-bubbly kind, I would rather drink punk IPA than bubbly water.


Isn’t that the same?

Someone had to say it.


I go for a nice bottle of Chateau Floride '53

Always have a glass beside the bed every night for my teeth. When I wake I pop them in and give the wife a fresh flouride, early morning nibble. :lou_lol:


Technically yes, but at least punk IPA is attempting something towards a flavour. Bubbly water just reminds me of when you didn’t have any syrup for your soda stream but you try it anyway, the result being fizzy clear liquid that just tastes and feels fucking wrong :lou_angry:


Water is fine as long as its been introduced to hops, yeast and barley.

Or if it is moistening the roots of some 40yr old left bank vines

Or a dash of it is added to a particularly aggresive rum to make it more approachable


I use it to wash. Myself, or very occasionally, the car. Only kids drink it. Or morons.


I quite like fizzy water.


Every bath time I imagine?


Hang on… as a mixer it is half decent. I prefer ice but if someone asked for water I would never hound then out of Eastleigh. Lets face it, everyone else there will be on WDK or 2-4-1 wank juice but when in Rome.


I just passed some.


I have some stashed.


Telling it like it is:


As long as Vodka is a translation of Water I will be fine.


I like Highland Spring and don’t like tap water from the south west. There I said it and I’m not sorry.


Hang on a tick, doesn’t t’north have “soft” water unlike the south who have “hard” water (ignore the SW)

There was some joke about hard northerners having it soft that I was going to make phnar phnar, but realised it didn’t work.I’ll get my coat


I need some water :frowning:


…and soap.

:nose: :poop: