The 'Walled Off Hotel' Bethlehem .... the worst view in the world!

Just been reading about street artist Banksy’s new project, The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem. First I’ve heard of it but what a crazy mad idea !!

I’ll leave the politics to the more knowlegeable (argumentative) posters on here but here’s a couple of links to articles, mostly pictures, of it’s mental location and his very kooky interior decor.

In Pictures … Banksy’s new Bethlehem hotel

Banksy’s ‘Walled Off Hotel’ in picture slideshow

Pap, Soggy, SOS, Barry et al … fill yer boots !!

… tho’ it’s an Arts thread really :lou_wink_2:


That is as sad as it is superb, Banksy has his detractors as a simplistic protest artist but I love him and have had a couple in the house (obviously not original ha ha).

The pictures are superb, the posture of the waiter’s are brilliant, just waiting, waiting for that bastard wall to fall.


Like the pillow fight one. Looks very interesting place to go.

There you go @steveintheforest my contribution. That was what you meant i hope. Burn the Balfour one though, it’s hideous.

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I’ve got a lot of time for Banksy as well. Not only is he a damn fine artist but he can make as big statement in a single piece of work that many political writers could in a whole book.

Not only that but it’s quite impressive how he’s managed to maintain his mystery and credibility after all these years, without becoming cheesy and dated.




It does say something when one of our most celebrated modern artists, at least with some of the most substantive stuff to say, feels that he has to prosecute his work under a pseudonym.

Banksy is the Batman of artists.

This is a Banksy I took last year in Brighton. I say “a Banksy” it is in fact a copy of the original Banksy that, like far too many of them, disappear overnight and mysteriously reappear in an art auction-house.

Probably something to do with the fact his choice of canvas is someone else’s property and therefore illegal.

Yeah, there’s a somewhat _bigger _dispute over property going on there.

Y’know, like a whole country stolen.

lol … I know that

I know that stating that fact gets your comment banned off the Guardian :slight_smile: