🛠❓ The Technical Support Thread

Well to start with, I couldnt find a thread on this on my phone!

Seriously, I need advice. Being non-geek, and unlikely to risk screwing up my TV by becoming a Netflix USA user intentionally, it’s time to get a VPN.

Now I need a balance, we have a shit rural connection & poor WiFi. That may change if I can find a tech to sort it out but they dont do home call outs in Lockdown. So it cant be network heavy, yet is mainly for more secure streaming. My laptop was top of the range 3 years ago.

I also have limited funds until Tourism reboots, so I’m mindful of monthly subs vs bottles of Vodka calculations.

I’d like it to work on my phone as well.

Any ideas other than Express or Nord?

Privacyweb.com works for me gets me past our internet police

and you can put the same subscription on multiple devices.

its a yearly subscription of 27 GBP

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That’s affordable. Thanks will Google them tomoz

I use Surfshark. Also works on multiple devices. 3 year deal cost me £54. Has lots of handy features which were highly recommended on a test comparison site

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Just had this by email. Genuine offer from Surfshark. Free one month. Valid until 31 Dec

"This holiday season, gift someone you love a feeling of security with one month of Surfshark VPN. No strings attached. No payment details needed.

It’s a great last minute gift - no waiting or worrying if it will arrive on time. Simply share this coupon code with your friend and they will get one month of Surfshark VPN.


Have a great time this festive season,

Emily, Surfshark"

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Tomorrow’s job hopefully.
Unless I have to go Carp fishing

Anyone know how to get rid of this pop-up, appears on start up.

I downloaded the “Free OCR to Word”.exe but abandoned the install it as it was apparent it came with several other unwanted add-ons like McAfee and a couple of other Virus protection apps.

I ran though everything I downloaded and deleted them but this fuckin banner appears on every start up. Where am I likely to find it on my PC…Windows 10…any ideas.

Go to Add remove programs, sort by installation date and then remove everything that you installed on that date…

Otherwise you’re going to have to download a malware scanner to remove it, Malwarebytes is one I’ve used previously…

Yep I’ve been through all the programs this morning and there doesn’t appear to be anything recent. Deleted a few unwanted Apps but nothing related to the Update Banner.
I’ll run my Bitdefender Scan see if it comes up with anything and then download the free Malwarebytes as I didn’t download it when I set up this newish PC.


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Found it in the Start-up Apps and switched it off.

There is no installed App to update anyway so I’ll probably just leave it unless the notification has the ability to switch itself back on.

Well done…

It must be in apps and features then, surely…

It was in the downloads but I’ve deleted that.
Been all the way through all installed programs and there’s nothing there.

Now I’ve unchecked the update on Start-up it no longer appears after restart so I’m assuming I can just leave it there to lie doggo.

Ok I actually logged on to ask some IT support.
I’ve googled it and tried one option and nothing has changed.
I’m think I may just get a new laptop.

So my HP Pavillion notebook will no longer charge. It did the other day but now down to 9% (though this morning it was 6%).

I am not up to taking the back off and battery out which is suggested online.

So any thoughts?

How old is the laptop? Charging issues are most likely down to a few possibilities - battery knackered, charger knackered, charging socket knackered. Of these, I’d say the battery itself is the most likely, but on most laptops these days they’re not too easy to replace.

What model is it exactly? You may find that taking the back off and replacing the battery isn’t horribly difficult - it’s often just a few small screws that you need to remove/replace.

As @Fowllyd suggest it is probably the battery that is fubar, the older type of batteries do tend to do this.

I seem to remember that changing the battery is quite an easy procedure, however if you can supply the full model number a quick search will show yes o no and how much a new battery would cost.

As a non-techy person I could offer this.

My elderly laptop had the same problem.
I gambled and thought it was the charger. Searched the Internet for a compatible charger, paid £18, arrived, and hey presto problem solved.

I figured I could resell the charger on ebay if it was not that. Good luck!

We think it’s 3 years old (cannot find receipt). I do use it a lot. It does make a weird noise at times and if I take out the charger stops. Some days it does it, some days not.
Managed to do a test and it says to get a battery but cannot seem to find one and all the instructions appear to be for a slightly different HP notebook. Not sure I can be arsed.


Somehow, my task bar on the laptop has moved itself from the bottom to the left side of my home screen.
How the **** do I move it back again?

Easy peasy. Drag it and drop it - that’s how you got it over to the side in the first place. No, it didn’t move itself. :lou_wink_2:


How many times did I try that?
And this time it worked