⚽ The Sweepstake - We've Reached the Last 8

Right, another 8 brave soldiers are checking out of Russian hotels and another 8 are looking to extend their stay.

:uruguay: Uruguay v France :fr: @Polski_Filip v @SimplySaint - Friday 6th July 15:00 :clock3: ITV

:brazil: Brazil v Belgium :belgium: @Llwybr-Cyhoeddus v @KRG - Friday 6th July 19:00 :clock7: BBC

:ru: Russia v Croatia :croatia: @gavstar v @Rallyboy - Satuday 7th July 19:00 :clock7: ITV

:sweden: Sweden v England :engerland: @SaintBristol v @Fowllyd - Saturday 15:00 :clock3: BBC

TV Channels to follow

And let’s spare a thought for all the complete fucking losers who bow out at this stage.

@Lets-B-Drinking’s Argentina :argentina:, @Saint-CD’s Portugal :portugal:, @lifeintheslowlane’s Spain :es:, @dinger’s Denmark :denmark:, @Saint-Rob’s Mexico :mexico:, @Fatso’s Japan :jp:, @Bathsaint’s Switzerland :switzerland: and @PhilippineSaint’s Colombia :colombia:.

…who also join the knobbers that couldn’t even get out of their groups…

@Goatboy’s Panama :panama:, @BTripz’s Saudi Arabia :saudi_arabia:, @Tokyo-Saint’s Australia :australia:, @BTripz’s South Korea :kr:, @tigger’s Tunisia :tunisia:, @pap’s Iran :iran:, @Bucks’ Costa Rica :costa_rica:, @prickly’s Iceland :iceland:, @cellone’s Senegal :senegal:, @saintbletch’s Morocco :morocco:, @SO5-4BW’s Nigeria :nigeria:, @Saint-or-sinner’s Poland :poland:, @Numptyboi’s Egypt :egypt:, @Cobham-Saint’s Serbia :serbia: and @JxgrSaint’s Germany :de:.


England v Belgium final.

I’ll fucking take that!

Cmon boys.

Last World Cup me & my mates did a sweepstake.

They did the draw (I was at an Arcade Fire gig with my mum, obv) and a got Argentina & Germany.

Would happily take another ‘no lose’ final.

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Just found Mother Russia’s (CRUSH :100:) official world cup song, @Rallyboy you’re next on the crushing block sonny jim


Lawro says

Games Score Lawro’s prediction
Friday, 6 July
Uruguay v France x-x 0-1
Brazil v Belgium x-x 2-1
Saturday, 7 July
Sweden v England x-x 0-2
Russia v Croatia x-x 0-1

Is Lawro correct,

  • yes
  • no
  • Lawro is an idiot

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Dear Lawro.

It’s been a good run nevertheless :sunglasses:

Benny from ABBA, Britt Ekland. Bjorn Borg, Swedish Chef bloke from The Muppets. Ingmar Bergman, and Ingrid. Other Swedish people I’m too dumb to remember.

But by cripes you’ll feel the full force of England on Saturday!! A polite force, and one willing to queue up


To score goals against you

Hypocrite is the word used…

Closed the poll because clearly Lawro is an idiot

Can we do one on Hoddle next?

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Probably fair to put that quote next to the article in question, prompting the letter signed by numerous MPs

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A certain Piers Morgan was editor at the time. Wonder what happened to him?