The Sunday Times: Doctor Claims to have doped 150 Athletes, including Premier League Players

Including players from Leicester, Chelsea & Arsenal.

This could be huge. UKAD already conducting an investigation into the allegations.

How thick do you have to be to take this to the papers? Dopey cunt.

Could explain Wayne Rooney, possibly the most dopey Premiership player ever.

Sorry, title was a bit misleading, edited to clarify a touch.

Also, seemsthis may be the guy involved. So, how well he can be trusted, god knows.

Harley Street doctor ‘hid woman’s terminal cancer so he could carry on charging for unconventional treatment’

A Harley Street doctor hid a woman’s terminal cancer from her so he could carry on billing for ‘unconventional’ treatment, a tribunal heard.

Dr Mark Bonar gave the inoperable woman false hope when he should have been recommending proper end-of-life care , it is alleged.

Instead, it is claimed the 38-year-old GP gave her ill-deserved confidence in the potentially dangerous intravenous feeding treatment he offered her.