🧠 The state of one's mind

Who here can say they are living a good life? No, actually, their BEST life?

Quite doom and gloomy around here imho, with some on the steps of Hades rather than Eden. I shall admit though, there are a number of us here that the grass is green on the side we stand, which is heartwarming (we all know the members to that club!)

I find it challenging to understand why some choose not to be at least content, if not happy with a life you may only get one shot at? I mean, If the success of a sporting team not known for their success is a barometer for happiness/depths of despair, it could be a hard road.

In the end, we are our own harshest critique, though remember, if you are feeling down, don’t be that person who has to piss on another’s pot if they are in a diametrically different state of mind. No one wins there

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I could say I was living a better life than if I had stayed in the UK.
But my best life that I dont know yet.

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Best life - probably not (that involves tropical islands and the Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad)

Best life under the circumstances - close