📚 The Sotonians Lockdown & Beyond Diaries

Well, you lot have finally joined me, makes me feel Italian being 2 weeks ahead of you all.

Anyway, think as this could run and run we should have a separate thread for our daily battles with Cabin Fever.
Important stuff, like, how do you decide which of your 125 bottles of Wine do you use 1st.
Which Toilet Roll brand do you regret panic buying.
It may make us laugh, it may give us ideas

Lockdown Day 16.

I find myself chopping firewood in Jogging Bottoms. I need to start a thread & warn about the long term dangers in this new world.

I made a decision to go to the shed, open a random box unpacked since we left Dubai and pull out 4 random books to re-read (grateful now we shipped them!) Anything is better than DiscoPolo TV ffs.

I went to check on the Girls. Such decadence in this new reality, we had Egg Mayo sandwiches for lunch as they’ve been particularly productive this week (must be the sunshine)

It’s only 2pm…

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Welcome to the world of the retiree. :wave:


Still working - albeit 3 days a week in the school and 2 days at home.

No longer at the school on the Isle of Wight until this blows over.

A small number of kids still in school who have keyworker parents - feels really weird to have the school so empty.

We’re running partial timetables for the kids that my team look after. They each have an Education, Health and Care Plan which means they have additional needs to most. They’re in each day for two hours and the lessons are less demanding. Keeps them in a routine (important) and gives parents, grandparents or carers a bit of respite.

Canteen is still serving free food to those that qualify.

Given who we work with its very difficult to ensure hygiene and to enforce a safe distance. If any of the kids (or adults) bring the virus in, it will certainly spread - despite lots of efforts to stop it doing so.


I work from home anyway so its business as usual, but with Mrs MoT and juvenile MoT also eating up valuable bandwidth… need this to be over so I can get back to watching porn all day…


One job finished today. Waiting on other trades who are isolating for health reasons.
Got a couple of days at another job then that’s it.


Working from home, girls are home now as we felt uncomfortable sending them to their school despite it being open.

Son is home and is actually doing his school work in the morning.

Going to have to get in to a routine of cycling before work, or walk around the block at least, otherwise I will bloat out again.

One of the dangers of WFH is a) too much caffeine/tannin and b) grazing…


Set up at home today. Pulled rank on a colleague to purloin one of his desks as i have a houseful now with uni returnees and they’re nicking all the available space and bandwidth. Plenty to do, but things close up tomorrow so it will tail off very quickly. A few tenders will keep me busy for a couple of weeks then i’ll be tossing it off.

Are off licences still open? Anyone know before i go for my hours exercise?


Still working, the joys of being a “key” worker


Probably not but shops are and they sell booze…:slight_smile:

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With all the arsing about trying to keep some business turnover going during the last couple of weeks, i’ve totally missed out on replenishing my recently hard hit stocks. Two bottles of mulled wine, a slurp of Baileys and a can of estrella are all that i have left over from the Xmas stockpiling. I’ll be knocking the oldies and key workers out of the way at Tesco tomorrow! :smile:


Microsoft Teams is proving quite useful. My mates have got a virtual pub crawl lined up on it on Sunday afternoon. A bunch of miserable middle aged geezers will log on and sit and drink and whinge and try not to spill beer over the work laptop. I’m right looking forward to it, sounds ace!!


I’m a key worker too. I manage software for three huge mega-pharmacies (we supply a good deal of medicine in this country).

Still working. Record volumes going through the mega-pharmacies, as you might expect. The online side of the business, where people order what they want, is exploding. Prescribed volume is increasingly massively too.

I’m working alone technically, but we all use Microsoft Teams to keep in touch. Apart from being a bit of a resource hog, it is working out well.


You know that twelve pints in, someone will be smearing their tackle on a webcam, company laptop or not.


We did a Teams dinner party last weekend

Worked really well and we got absolutely twatted

Unfortunately there was nothing virtual about the hangover


Teams is a bloody nightmare resource wise - it almost renders my laptop useless - you need 8gb minimum

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Delivering vans to hospitals and Boots and enjoying the empty roads.


Think we might be ordering a bit of new memory for our laptops. 8Gb is what they run at the moment, which is a bit crap for a developer machine, but I’ve thrown my toys out of the pram before over this shit and don’t like the primadonna tag you get afterwards.

It’s initially really good. It degrades over time, especially as you ask it to do more.

Key worker here too.

My work place seems to lack any real management updates. So my line manager and service manager have made decisions about our team.
Going down to just one day in office until they work out how to patch through calls from the main switchboard.
We are also on Teams and going to have a “team meeting” tomorrow.
I’m completely knackered, quite hungry all the time and keep waking up early.

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From low skilled worker to key worker in a month for a lot of people. Isn’t life strange!