The Sotonians General Election 2017 Early Intentions Poll

This’ll be the first of a series of polls.

In this first week of campaigning, who do you intend voting for?

@philippinesaint - your request has been completed.

  • SNP
  • Plaid Cymru
  • Liberal Democrat
  • Labour
  • UKIP
  • Conversatives
  • Green

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Shame we don’t have a “Tactical” qualification.

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There’s no ‘independent’ option or a 'none of the above’ for those who choose not to vote

I’ll vote for 7 weeks of Netflix.

We can actually register with the Embassy here & postal vote but not if you’ve been off the system as long as I have, plus it wouldn’t be fair to vote tbh. Much more fun watching you lot

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I’ve gone for Labour here, but given where I live (very solid Tory constituency) I may actually vote Green. High time we had a system under which the majority of the electorate could feel that their vote actually counts for something, not just a small minority as it is now.


Can I vote more than once in the poll as I normally do in the main ballot?


David Bowie - Postal Vote

Rastus Odinga-Odinga - Hackney N & Stoke Newington

Marcus Aurelius Smith - Selly Oak, W. Midlands

Cyril Smith - Rochdale

Gloria Honeyford - Romsey & Southampton N.

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You’re forgetting_ _

Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F’tang-F’tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel - Luton


I’ll probably go for conversatives in Paps poll because I like their trainers


|s there an election?

Thanks @pap but where is None of the above?

Tokyo is involved so corrected for you

Where is “none of these fucking chancers”?

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Keep an eye on the French elections, and hope that Marine Le Pen doesnt go forward. donate what you can :zipper_mouth: Taking Farage to court :laughing:

That’s a bit fucking rich, asking ordinary folks to cough up when they’re funded by big unions and also receive Government money. Two Rich US doners gave them over 300k the other year, yet they’re begging the public for money for this publicity stunt. Pathetic

I wwent Lib Dem, but mainly because I’m voting tactically just to keep the tories out. In reality I’d probably spoil my paper as I don’t believe in the system, but the system will NEVER change while the tories hold power.