:pl: ⚽ :sotonians: The Sotonians Fantasy Football League 2021-22

@saintbletch has finally pulled his finger out and renewed the league for this year. If you were in the league last year you will be in it this year as well. If you weren’t in the league and want to join read on…

If you’ve never played before, ahemm @SimplySaint, this follow this link, read the rules and create a team.

Once you’ve got yourself a team click on this link to join the Sotonians league.

Or use the league code dxaawx when prompted.

This is where we stand at the moment - me on top and @saintbletch bringing up the rear as usual.

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Yay! At last. The chance to be useless again.
I assume for the sake of sanity we dont need to have 3, nay, ANY Saints players in our teams this year?

You should all play with only saints or ex saints in your teams to make it really fair :rofl::rofl:

It was never a rule, just adhering to the spirit of Sotonians.

I have Forster, Adams and Ings (in my defence he was in my team before he fucked off).


I’m doomed

And doesn’t want to accept the League code in my app.

OK sorted.

And I notice we have a team called Change Name this season.
What a great idea, can be anyone you want.
But why did I still manage to put 3 Saits players in my squad even 2 are on the bench :woman_facepalming:

ITK inside betting advice.
Poland have no idea what they’ve signed up for

Players to avoid this season
Namely anyone in my squad

Remarkably, I am not last

Like many I took a hammering from the International break and ffs Che Adams not getting a game

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My bench

My #2 keeper was FF. Sold him for…