The Soaring Eagles v the Limping Saints Match Day Thread

The Soaring Eagles v the Limping Saints Match Day Thread


Palace are on a high, Pardew has a point to prove, we seem to lack confidence and goals.

3-1 to Palace for me


December is gonna be shite.


BTripz, takes on the Mantle… a brave (and disturbingly similar to a Redknapp 180 degree turn) move after we have seen both Gay Abandon and Philippine Saint hopelessly out of their depth in trying the fill the shoes of that colossus of a match thread starter, Cracked Rib.

Papsweb have taken a chance on an unproven yet apparently talented young match thread starter. We wish him well, but emloying the tactic of predicting defeats and misery is surely not going to keep the papsweb faithfull happy and loyal. He needs an early against the odds victory to show he has what it takes or will he become a mere statistic in the long line of match thread starter failure we have witnessed so far this season?


Until CA (:cry:) starts a match thread again, I am ignoring any score prediction unless it comes from Rallyboy in person, 60 mins before kick off while on my 3rd pint.


CA? CR or GA? but not PS or BT?


Cracked Arse. The better part of your prior split personality.


Surely also means we’d need to be sat outside at The Rockstone too. Not feeling that so much, but whatever it takes to get us back to winning ways… :wink:


You never know… we may see the appearance of a rebel, ‘unofficial’ Arse Crack match thread that gets past the butler (that devious fucker Bletchand his underbutlers) and pap by mascarading as an innocent not football thread… may become like and underground cult clique of a match thread with passwords to enter… Ssshhh… ‘dont tell em your name, Pike’


Got to be a Saints win by 2 goals to 1



Pelle, Tadic on the bench. Gazza starts, KD on the bench. Maya starts, 5 at the back? Long starts. Romeu starts. Hold on tight…


Stek injured?


I am now officially scared…


Can only be that.



cedric maya fonte vvd bertrand

romeu wanyama


mané long


Stek got a toe inury and ballaphobia, Pelle tired and carrying a knee injury


Given that Palace’s main threat comes from Bolasie and Saha on the wings I think 5 at the back is probably a good call.


I am usually a big fan of Ron’s but today I am very much thinking WTF?


Bit harsh if Stek is injured and Pelle has a knock. Tadic is often better off the bench too.


Hmmm but Yoshida? Apparently Gazza has made three good saves so fair play to him.