The slippery Chelski slope to feeling blue, can we Bridge the gap

What about that title then @areloa-grandee ? What about that?

So, let’s draw a little red line under last nights shambles. Find the fic epositives and breath…

The stuttering blues up at Stamford Bridge next, which Chelsea team will turn up? The Pensioners or the Blues? More importantly which Saints team will turn up?

Was MoPo MKII saving his best players for this weekend’s exertions? Tune in to this week’s exciting episode of #WeMarchOn to find out.

Personally I think we’re screwed, Hazard to score against us (as he always does). 3-0 to the Blues.

  • I think BTripz needs a rest from duties and a lie down in a darkened room.
  • The team and title suck
  • The team and title rock
  • This title rocks, the teams sucks

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Go on we cant be as bad as this morning on Saturday evening

Can we?

0-1 to Saints Conte sent to the stands again for abusing the match officials when we get a penalty in the 47th minute as Tadic falls over his own feet.


I am not doing Saturday - it does not exist and anything that happens will not count.


What’s the biggest defeat ever in the Premier League?

This one

Don’t know but do you remember when we destroyed Sunderland 8-0?


Good to see your Soviets role doesn’t eat too much into your time.

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I’ll go for 9-0 then, matching the biggest ever Premier League win… I’m not sure yet whether it will be to Saints or to Chelsea, but will let you know nearer the time.

3-1 Chelsea. Its Huddersfield I am worried about, if we lose that we’re in real trouble.

How will you feel if we beat Chelsea but lose to Huddersfield?

I’m going for confused :lou_smiley:

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Well. What a choice you lot have.

Watch the game or go Xmas shopping.

I’ll be packing

Sadly… no option to vote for ‘the team rock but title sucks’ … bring on Fowlwilly and his bonmots I say

(almost as poor a title as ‘white Hart pain’ the classic 2003 DVD with the only ever recorded example of The GOrgeous Anders Svensson scoring without disturbing his beautiful Bletch like hair)

Saints will win 4-0. Hoedt hat trick and incredible volley from Fraser Forster (ball bouncing off him whilst attempting to catch)

At the final whistle Mauricio Pellegrino will strip naked and double hand slap his arse cheeks to bring attention to a vivid ‘black tattoo which says’ ‘FUCK BARRY SANCHEZ’

Les Reed will parachute onto the pitch and wrestle Conte to the ground and tickle him until he agrees to take the saints job in January.

You heard it here first.


We won’t beat Chelsea.

I won’t be watching.

Young Adult will be back from Uni for Xmas and were going out for lunch & to find out how quickly I can be drunk under the table.

3:1 to Chelski

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To be fair that’s as plausible as anything else I’ve heard. Got to be worth a fiver. Anyone got odds for it?

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T’is the morning of the big game and yet I had to go 3 threads down on page 2 to find this one. Apathy or are we shite fans?

Bazza where be’est thou?

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I turned down a ticket for this one. So we should be OK.

You know that this site is not very keen on sport, right?

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We’e all still deciding whether to hide behind a sofa or hit the shops in a desperate attempt to avoid listening/watching the game