The Semi Final Preview Match Saints V Chelsea League Game

And its on us v them before us v them

we may actually get a handle on how to handle them and win the second leg at Wembley this one I am not so sure about


No Stephens so tactical change needed just as it looked like we were more solid.

Long had a knock as well.

Great game yesterday and we have to keep that side and intensity going

We won’t

Chelsea are all over the place. Good timing, we will win this one but probably lose the second leg.

Time to see if the big flag Pole is up to much chop then

Bednarek straight swap for Stephens and I’d give Gabbi one last chance BUT his team mates need to punt the ball to him AS SOON as he makes a run not when he’s looped back round after running offside. Worked for the first 6 matches we had him, not sure why it’s changed this year tbh


Can we offer to throw the semi final if they throw this game?


Chelsea, read Conte, seem to not care anymore. Like Arsenal they’re pretty nailed on for Europa league qualification, nothing more, nothing less.

They’re there for the taking at SMS and Wembley, we won’t though. Hazard will score against us (again).


Disaffection in the Chelsea camp??

Chelsea face Southampton next Sunday in their FA Cup semi-final at Wembley, but even if they were to go on and win the competition, it would be scant consolation in the eyes of Azpilicueta.

“The FA Cup is a massive trophy with a lot of history but it’s not enough for us,” the 28-year-old Spanish defender told BBC Match of the Day.

“We will try to win it but the cup will not save our season.”

Azpilicueta, whose first-half goal on Sunday was cancelled out by Javier Hernandez’s equaliser in the second half, added: "To get a draw at home in another London derby is really frustrating for all of us and all of the fans. We are not happy.

"What matters is the score at the end, I am frustrated today, we should be able to win this game.

“We controlled the game, we created enough chances to win but we struggled at the end and maybe they could have scored the winner. It’s becoming harder and harder every game it goes on.”

Not long to go now, I was talking to someone who bets a lot last night and he checked the odds.

Most bookies have Southampton as 10/3 to win the game, that’s quite low in my opinion.

Definitely a winnable game though.

I take it your TV hasn’t come back from the repair shop since the EFL Cup final then…

  1. It is Islamic New Year here Saturday so a dry day until 4pm your time.

  2. I am on an airplane.

  3. We’ll get tonked.

  4. Ah so THAT’s what happened to that other Irish lad we had

I shan’t be watching as I’ll be making my annual pilgrimage to the Farnham Beerex, bringing the average age down to 67…

2:1 to us.


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You haven’t seen the attendees. I’ve been going for about 10 years. They have a jazz band with the same line up and the youngest must have been at least 65 even then - they play the same tunes every year only slower each time…

Just realised this is an early kick off. Drinks after?

A glimmer of hope…

The only (non FA Cup) games we’ve won this season have been when I have not watched.

I will now be in a taxi to the airport at exactly the moment we kick off, then doing the whole bag drop and security. The reason this could be good news is this is our 1st time on Low Cost FlyDubai so we have no frequent flier stuff - we are just cattle.

Equally, it is a different Terminal on the completely other side of Dubai’s main airport and we have never been there before so no idea if they even have WiFi out in the sticks.

Boarding at 14:30 your time as well so may not even be able to follow text updates

This may be a lucky day…

Had a dream last night that Bedarek opened the scoring for us then Chelsea scored two quick goals. Woke up before the final whistle so I can’t give you the score though.

Well do us a favour Phil and make sure you don’t find it on in one of the departure lounge bars!

We need all the help we can get.

They have wifi and a bar @dubai_phil

Have you never done the Visa run to Kish from Terminal 2?

You have missed out if not.

Any team news yet it’s less than an Hour to go?