The Sea...... Gulls vs the Mighty fine creative free scoring Saints Match Thread

The Sea...... Gulls vs the Mighty fine creative free scoring Saints Match Thread


Not done one since the Cracked Rib was sacked back in 2015/6 season. But like all great match thread starters, its time to try my hand again, however incompetent I might have been previously





Gotta be a game to put your mortgage on Boufal NOT starting.


3:5 Saints win in a free flowing game

FF will be full of confidence and we’ll be scoring for fun…

Who am I kidding…? It’ll be a turgid 1 :1 borefest.


New name - clean slate AG :lou_smiley:

4-1 Saints, Redmond hat-trick


My recored was not good… promising start of a couple of wins and a draw… then several successive heavy defeats. Picked up after my sacking. Apreciate the dreaded vote of confidence though


3-3, last minute equaliser from Solly March, seeing as we’ve been linked to him in the past.


1-3 to Boufal

And the team pass the ball forward more than sideways or backwards

NB I am at home on Alcohol so this may be misguided.


FFs people.

It’s going to take us until the middle of November to score 3 goals, let alone get them in one game.

What do you guys smoke?



Image result for nooo

No Lemina




Where did this come from?



That is a genuine shame :lou_sad:

Arguably that gives Boufal a start as Davis will probably drop in next to Romeu. However, I suspect we will instead see JWP come in. :lou_sad:


Boufal should be replacing Tadic or Redmond so Lemina’s injury should be irrelevant.


Romeu can do the defensive side with his eyes closed and one leg amputated against BHA. Everything comes from their wingers anyway doesn’t it?


Which is why he’ll play Tadic & Redmond to block them.

Boufal only gets in in place of Davis or Long prob Long


Both Yoshida and VVD to score with Boof coming on and getting a third. Gulls will get two and escape an obvious red card.


1 - 3 Saints should blow them away


NYS is copying me but I feel in my alcoholic haze is we are probably right