The SAD Thread

That’s The Sotonians Away Days thread to you.

I did consider the Saints Travel Information thread but that would have got silly. Quickly.

So, as I am considering attending a few more games away from St Marys this coming season, I thought we should have a place for all info regarding the 19+ away games for 2015/16.

Best pubs? Parking? Travel? Tickets? Accommodation?

Please place thoughts here.

Can’t make Newcastle so Watford could be the first destination for me.

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Thanks for this, Goat. Will be at the Newcastle game so need the info on who to avoid.

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Number two daughter off to LSE in London…so many more away games coming up.

Still season ticket holder block 37…but will be coaching the mighty Saints in many more games :cool:

Stringfellows in London…here I come. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Goatboy…you can stay on the bus…this will be for the big boyz only :kiss:

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