📉 The sack race

When he refuses the job Fat Sam will take over till the end of the season.


A Palace spokesman said “the young, up-and-coming manager policy has failed. It’s time to bring in some proper experience.”

One way of delaying the inevitable

Seriously hope it isn’t serious

Phone records show that he received a call from his agent two minutes prior saying quick fake a heart attack, they are going to ping you

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So whilst the manager is in Hospital sick they go and sack him.

Oliver Glasner has agreed a two-and-a-half-year deal to succeed Roy Hodgson as Crystal Palace manager.

Meanwhile another medical departure

Birmingham City manager Tony Mowbray suddenly steps away from the job for ‘medical treatment’ - jus…

now he’s faking it because he knows how shit Birmingham are after being there a month

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Possibly. But my own guess is that a month there has caused his medical issues.

Hope he recovers. I’ve always like Mowbray as a manager and he’s mostly had a decent win %age at his clubs. And his brother is head of recruitment at Saints.

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This is a typical hatchet job by that cunt McNulty. He must have something on the BBC to keep his job imho.


Colin Wanker gone

Ah but why?

Not sacked, was only a temporary appointment until they found someone permanent as far as I’m aware.

TBF i just wanted to call him Colin Wanker