:saints: The Ryan Bertrand Appreciation (or not) thread


Nice statement, good player in his time here but I feel his energy levels aren’t what is required for the time.

Still a good player on his day.


Great servant.
Great player.
Truly believe many fans don’t appreciate him, in the same way they didn’t appreciate Tadic.
Good time to go, good cover/squad player for a bigger club, but we now need younger legs in there.
So long & thanks for all the fish.


Interesting that he doesn’t mention Ralph when he says the club is in good hands.

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Yep, no mention of Ralph or team mates - sometimes not everyone can always get along or be aligned on the best ways - so nothing shocking or surprising, and a nice fair note from a good servant

There is always a danger we try and read too much into these things, so best to wish him well and we move on

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Yes a good player, a loyal servant and a very decent human being. I think he probably contributed more than we may know in the dressing room and the wider community.

Thank you Ryan.


I’ve always rated him and his absence was detrimental to us even when we still had Targett.

That said, over the last 12 months he’s not been the same. For whatever reason. Age will be a factor but not necessarily the only one.

I wish him well and predict he’ll end up getting a 2-3 year deal at Arsenal or Leicester.

Quite likely a son a free, so open to a better wedge for last couple of seasons - even if he does not end up playing that often…

Best looking Saints player ever?

I’d do him. Don’t tell Ginge :slight_smile:

I think @tigger would disagree

Nah… Anders surely?



Although Ricky has my heart as well


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Is she still hunting Pelle’s wife with a cross-bow?


Tigger would most definitely disagree

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Clearly you’ve forgotten that this absolute dreamboat once donned the red and white stripes.


Espectially as Dowie is like a fine wine. Gets better with age.

No longer getting the offers to be a butler for spooky houses, I understand.

Dead to me

As I’ve said many times, he’s a bloody good bloke, and extremely bright.

Sad to see him go, as he’s been massively underappreciated in his time here, mainly because he has a resting bitch face (which he knows BTW).

Cheers Ryan - next time I’m up in Cobham we’ll grab a meal at the Ivy, and maybe even invite @Cobham-Saint.


I’ll swing by his gaff on the way in the Uber & -we can get proper mashed :+1:

Rushed to help however he could after the Grenfell disaster. Says more about him than anything on the pitch ever will.


Still a decent defender, will do well with a side that doesn’t rely heavily on attacking fullbacks.