The roads are grim down South

They say its grim up North. Even if that’s the case, at least if it gets too grim, you can pop in your car and go somewhere less grim.

Probably not worth bringing the motor down here, though.

I’ve been on the roads three days. It takes as long to get out of Southampton as it does to get the rest of the way to Christchurch. On the way home, I divert to Eastleigh because it’s quicker than doing that mile of that bit of the M27.

Adding to my daily fun, I spent two hours in the car on a round trip between Christchurch and Poole.

The roads are grim down here. Who the fuck has been doing the planning? Ronald fucking McDonald?


Sorry that more people down south are in a job and have a car. Selfish shits.

Then perhaps Mr Smart Alec would like to explain why none of the revenue generated by these people is going into improving their lives.

It is truly fucking awful.

You try sitting in the car for 4 hours everytime you want to go the other side of Manila its gridlocked every single day of the year. it even has overpasses that are gridlocked because they put tolls on them but the toll gate Keepers are so slow the traffic builds up untill the the whole tollway is solid. Put in the changing lane idiots that think they saw a gap and its carnage evry single time.


Not sure that’s on the way to Christchurch, mate.

Besides, your shit doesn’t make our shit any easier to swallow.

FFS Pap. Since when do local governments collect (and get to spend) the income tax / corporation tax / car tax / VAT generated locally?

Ker, makes you wonder what they spend your taxes on, right, Phil*?

*Phil’s accountant has been in touch to explain that he settles his tax bill to the letter of the law in whichever part of the world one of his 37 offshore shell companies have subcontracted his consulting services out to.

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What the fuck is this?

Auditions for Bazza’s job?


Nah mate, for the two grumpy gits on The Muppet Show

Go on the train. Especially between Christchurch and Poole!

Parkstone to Southampton was 45 mins on fast train. Sit and relax. Watch your tablet.

It is weird, I moan about traffic in Carlisle, but it really is nothing. A great place to have a cheesecake business where I spend a lot of time on the road, getting from one side of the city to the other. Also the quality of life up here is much better.


Too many cars, not enough roads, not enough space to build more roads.

Poole (home) to Bournemouth (work), 8 miles, takes me 40 mins plus to drive. I can cycle it in 30 mins.

You’re right Pap it is crap.

When I worked in Southampton, Terminus Terrace, if I drove I left at 06:50 and got to work at 07:30 (give or take). If I left at 07:00 I would be lucky to get to work much before 08:30. Most of that was getting out of Poole on to the A31.

I started taking the train and then realised that, even if the trains were delayed, it was much more relaxing and actually cheaper.


A question for your political representatives, sir - not an excuse for “it is the way it is”

This thread reminds me of this…I’m sure it’s just coincidence

As am I, @fatso

But for different reasons.

I don’t assume the worst like some.

Hope you’ve cottoned on that your postman isn’t a burglar, sir.

The West of Southampton is fucking bollocks for traffic, brother lives in West Wellow and Jesus wept its shit, that said commutes to Manchester aren’t much better.

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At least you have bypasses Pap.

Try getting to Tesco out of town store from Salisbury city centre any day of the week. Or using the A36 toBristol.

Nimbys. That’s your problem pal

Live in Ashurst work near town Quay. 17 minutes.Piece of piss.

and to really annoy you all, that is my longest commute in 27 years of work


My commute, 8 minutes in the car…when I used to work CB. :lou_lol:

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My Commute when at work is

out of bed, brush teeth quick shower, put boiler suit on go down 1 flight of stairs and sit at desk.

About 10 mins including starting the coffee machine.