⬇ :saints: The Relegation Feud

But this is why we are down
16.2 goals let in above Xg by Bazunu


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It will not be any of those. Relax

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The cheque is inthe post…
Yeah heatd them all

We do need a Tony Mowbray type for the reset with a protege alongside him.


I’d start checking my Welsh heritage

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That is a terrifying prospect

Even my Google feed knows we’re down…

Define Southampton FC’s season

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Bring back Ralph?

On a moving on and looking forward note. I do think we already have a couple of great strikers at championship level if we can keep hold of Tella, who is under contract until 2025. So a season to see if we can get ourselves back up. We also have Adam Armstrong who is proven at this level.

I think the rest of the team will be dismantled and a rebuild from the back, including a keeper.

I think it’s very unlikely that we will keep hold of Tella, I have no doubt that he will be very reluctant to come back here. Burnley’s top scorer, really appreciated up there, in sharp contrast to his time with us. Now has a chance to show what he can do in the Premiership under a manager who values him, again in sharp contrast to his time with us. He may well be under contract until 2005, but I can’t imagine he will be falling over himself to come back to a season in the Championship instead of leading the line in the Premiership with Burnley. By all accounts he is really happy up there, and it would suit nobody to hold him to his contract and insist on him returning against his will. We had our chance with him, didn’t take it, and now our loss is Burnley’s gain.


I’m personally intrigued to see if he can do it at Premier League level. Maybe with the momentum of the season he has just had and more guaranteed minutes he might just make an impression.

Equally, Burnley could go and sign a couple of new forwards and he becomes a bit part player again.

Bearing in mind, through their transfer strategy to date, Sport Republic have demonstrated that this is a business before it is a football club. So from a business perspective it would be sensible to sell him for a decent chunk of change whilst his stock is high. If he wants to go he will be sold. I think it is that simple.


I don’t share your optimism here. He has had two years of not playing regularly, when he has played it has been as a defensive minded left winger/headless chicken and two years without scoring goals.

His confidence is shot and don’t think it is a tap that can be turned back on.

I am more wondering whether a new manager might want to exploit lanky Paul’s attributes in the Championship.

Could you imagine, a 4-3-3 with wingers getting to the byline and crossing for the big target man? :drooling_face:

Nah, me neither.

Bree was a very efective Championship player with a good record for crossing the ball. I expect KWP to stay in the Premiership so we may see a lot of him, and the strategy of using his crossing ability to feed big Paul could work imho


I think there’s a good chance Tino stays too. If he does and stays fit, then Bree surely won’t feature much. Unless the new manager goes to our favourite 3 at the back formation and Bree plays RCB.

Which according to one of the statistically best coaches in Europe, is something Bree can do.

I very much hope Tino can return to the standard he was before his injury - though we’ll struggle to keep him this time next year unless we’re going back up.

We tend to only keep the good ones for two years anyway. He will genuinely tear up the championship if he recovers fully. And stays of course!

After we’re relegated, who will be the team captain?
Even if JWP stays, I don’t think he should remain as captain. Hopefully, the arguments for and against might be stopped if he leaves, and stays in PL. I hope he does, and goes on to take the record for goals from free kicks.

Maybe we should ask that question when we see who’s left after the summer.