The Queen at 90

The Queen is turning 90.

Tributes/republican sentiment here please.

Not sure I want to see anyone ‘Tribute’ the Queen on papsweb


My work found me in a Hampshire field last night under a beacon, at what can only be described as a gathering of the gentle right, joining in singing Happy Birthday to the Queen, following a bugle fanfare, as fireworks lit up the night sky.

It was an unusual Thursday and I didn’t fully embrace the whole Royal worship thing - but it was very British, in a good way.

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I think this is from some time ago. Someone has dubbed BBC North Korea commentary over footage of Britain’s Royal Family


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stil would


Not sure she actually has the Orb and sceptre in the bedroom bear

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Come now, if JC can do it…


Classy speech


Not big on Royalty and would certainly rather see William follow Her Madge than Charlie Boy, but Liz has done an amazing job over the years. It must be a real ballache being polite to so many people each day but she does it with good grace. Not a job I would fancy. We arent much cop at most things nowdays (since we apparently Ruled The Waves) but we are good at all this Pomp and Royal worshipping malarchy. Trouble is, did the Muslims do their share in the tributes? :lou_wink:

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Privileged woman reaches 90 - so feckin what?


I’ve no issue with congratulating anyone on not dying - just not sure it merits particular celebration over the birthday of any other given person.

It is an understandable celebration to be fair, and I am certainly not one who supports the Royal Family, or the idea of having one.

But it has become such an institutionalised and quintessential part of “Britishness” – that for many, it is a really big deal, that ‘their’ Queen has reached such a grand old age, and not only that, is still going, with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Especially considering the amount of iconic names we’ve lost this year already, for some I’m sure the opportunity to celebrate ‘her majesties’ 90th birthday is a welcome release indeed.

As I say, don’t support all that myself, nor being ‘subject’ to anyone – but I respect that for many, it is a grand occasion, and a big part of “Britishness” itself. Fair play to them, and let them enjoy their revelries I say, if it is their wish to do so.

I’ve spent the last year crafting her lovely ma’am a celebratory Corgi out of my own body hair.

She seemed surprised to see it when I presented it to her in Windsor yesterday - as did the security men.


Careful Rallyboy. You can get arrested for that kind of thing. :lou_surprised:

Fuck me there are some royalists out there. ‘Come’ on, who loves Queenie so much that they downvoted the wank joke? Courage my fellow papsters is a virtue that Liz would approve of, fuckers.

Thing is JS, nothing gets the Britishness going like a good fucking outpouring of public Dianagrief (as it should henseforth be known) - the sad fact is we are a nation of cunts who will come together more when she finally croaks it, than over her Birthday (which one is it by the way, real or official?)

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Not bothered and couldn’t give a damn that someone has got to 90 who has all the money to be able to do that. Aoart from a bit of chatter in the office today about the shit cake she was given no one seemed to take much notice. Which was frankly refreshing.

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For someone who inherited a shit job…I think she’s made a reasonable fist of it.