The Political Spectrum: Taking A Deeper Look At Ourselves

I haven’t been here very long, but one of the things I have noticed a lot, is a tendency toward the broad-brush labelling of one-another into the same old tired black and white, Left/Right-Blue/Red divide of Party Politics.

For me, that is a very constricting and narrow spectrum to be shoe-horned into, as far as political analysis goes.

I was hoping that we could expand our horizons.

I’ve taken a lot of the many varied political compass type quizes over the years, and found them to be mostly too rigid and polarising in their format, and focussed far too heavily on trying to ‘fit you in’ to the current main party status-quo.

There was one however that when I took it a while ago, I found attempts to get more to the heart of the matter, to understand who you are and where you are coming from politically speaking, rather than simply paint you red or blue. I took the test at a time when I was sick and tired of the same old narrow and predictable left-right arguments, and was looking for a fuller understanding of what I actually believed in, rather than which main party most closely aligns to my views. (I already knew that none of them did, lol).

I wanted to step away from defining myself by such a restrictive mechanism as whether I prefer the bloke who fucks pigs, or the dude who gets correspondence from the 1970’s, asking for their clothes back.

After taking a lot of shit clichéd political quizzes – a friend finally introduced me to “The Definitive Political Orientation Test”. I found it to be exceedingly helpful in finding my political pulse.

I’ve looked through the archives here, and cannot find any record of a similar topic, so I am hoping that many of you would enjoy taking the test as much as I did, and find it equally helpful. My idea is, that we all share our results here, and I can amend the OP with everyone’s place on the Political Spectrum.

Then, rather than labelling eachother as simply Red or Blue – we can begin to appreciate much more where we are all coming from. Especially for a new poster as myself, it will also help me to understand you better. When I see a post I’m unsure about in some way, I can look in here, and hopefully come to a clearer perspective of the way you think and what you believe in. I hope that not only for me, but for you too. That it can help foster a greater understanding amongst Sotonians members of who we are, and what makes us tick.

This is an example of the Spectrum, and how you will be assessed by taking the detailed questionaire:

As you can see – it is looking to assess and analyse your political stream of thought – rather than place you in a political party.

I’ll start by sharing my own result:

When I first saw this – I was more than a little shocked, that it had essentially categorized me as a borderline Anarcho-Communist! :astonished: My understanding of “Communism” at that time, was essentially completely warped, by having had a standard Western upbringing, and I’d subconsciously simply absorbed the western narrative as to what Communism entailed. As it turns out – I simply had no understanding of it at all. I thought I did, through my nice little western education, but it turns out that I was very wrong.

From taking the test, I was able to go on to do a lot of further study and investigation for myself – and to my initial surprise, began to actually self identify with that nomenclature, having read a lot on the works and thoughts of Piotr Kropotkin, and a disciple of his, Carlo Cafiero. It has helped me greatly in coming to a deeper and more insightful understanding of myself. And I hope it can for you, too. :lou_lol:

So anyone who is up for it, I’d love to see you take the test for yourselves, and share your results with us all.

Hopefully if enough take the challenge, it could also generate some interesting discussion and self discovery along the way.

I’ll try putting up the embedded version (failed), and if that doesn’t work, then here’s the link:

Thanks for playing. :lou_lol:


I only submit to tests if you’re wearing a saucy uniform.

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Believe it or not Pap, we scored exactly the same! Shall I order some badges?

I’m very confused by Conservative being pink(o).

I’ve come out at the same place as you.

Got to commend your efforts :+1:

But another political thread :rage:

Way too simplistic for papsweb…

I liked one of the comments below.


I don’t want to be labelled by a quiz.


I also got the same.

Judging by some of the questions on there, I have doubts about the accuracy of that.

Generally a good OP though, Jack.

Left Libertarian.

I’m trying but i find most of the statements confusion i.e:

“I’d always support my country whether it was right or wrong” - how can a country be right or wrong? Or does it mean my government? Or is it the act of support rather than the act of the country that is right of wrong?

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Anarchic Liberty is apparently the way forward. If anyone can explain what the fuck that means I would be grateful.

I was thinking about sharing this today! Great minds.

Same spot as Jack.

Interesting post. It’s certainly important to consider the political spectrum as featuring two axes.

My result’s on exactly the same spot as in the OP.

Not really sure that this quiz is any more accurate than others I’ve seen though. The questions still sweep broadly; I imagine most of the results come out at polarising ends of the spectrum.

That went well!

Left libertarian - more left than I thought!! Pap’s influence is seeping through!

I’m left libertarian, which doesn’t surprise me.

Though dammit, why did they have to have an astrology question in there?! That tested my belief. :lou_sad:

Smack bank in the middle of statism, national socialism, socialism and communism.

Like Mary Poppins practically perfect in everyway.

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It means if you don’t get your way with anything you throw a wobbler…